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    Setting up a company in Thailand - what's required

    reciprocal agreements

    By tingtong, Created on: 09/10/2008, Last updated on: 15/02/2015

    ยป Not only do ex prime ministers live in exile but any wealthy Thai can buy what they like in Uk. I dont know about other countries but I suspect the same. Not only can a Thai buy a house to live in, but hotels and even football teams of national importance. A six month visa is the smallest...

    • twk commented : This is a good point made. In the US a Thai can own land, business and house. There should be a reciprical agreement that is enforceable. This is why I have land, house and business in Lao. I can own outright and I have good business with China and Vietnam. Soon I will be adding Cambodia to my list of business locations. All are very user friendly once you have the necessary prerequisites done. Thailand is a very uneducated country that tries to claim it is on top of the real deal. But in the end it is set up for a revolution that will not be good for the country. The rural poor majority will rise against the rich minority and one of three things will come out of the dust. Communism, Fascism or (ahemm) Democracy that represents all people. I do not do business with Thailand at this time because at every turn I find that Thailand wants to export cheaply but make it very expensive to receive imports. I have found demands for money from the border guards, immigration officials, work permit offices and business people that could open the door and make it easy to complete a transaction. I wish our governments would put the pressure on Thailand to honor reciprical ethics and conditions but even the US is imputent in these matters. On the other hand what does Thailand really offer the global community? Lets trade and tourist destinations with sex trade. One thing for sure...when you come to Thailand you do get scrwd.

    • Martinus commented : Isn't the reason of all these immigrants-to-stay in your country one of the most important reasons you are here?? So on one hand you don't like the way it works, but now you want to have the same privileges I like it the way the Thai keep their land to can sometimes own a business, even own land through your business but it will not be yours. It also keeps the prices down due to less speculations and that is why, if you were allowed to ,you could afford it....

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