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    Do you speak English Khun Noy?

    By surapong, Created on: 26/07/2010, Last updated on: 07/01/2016

    » Ms Noy’s gonna need some English lessons in order to pass her tests to prove that her command of the language is good enough before being granted her visa. The number of Thai women from the Northeast marrying foreigners is rising every year. Over the past few months, almost 2,000 people have shown...

    • modsquad commented : Comment from Khun Pampan Well, this regulation is both fair and unfair. I am one of the Thai women who is about to marry a German guy. The unfair point for me is that, I graudated with bachelor degree from the USA and double master degrees from the Netherlands and I still have to pass a German test before getting marry. Yes, I am non-EU citizen, but this regulation doesn't apply to those who are from developed countries such as Japan and Korea. Do they speak English or German better than me? I don't think so. That is why I said it is not fair. However, if you look at the integration point, it is good for Thai women to be able to go outside interacting with the others, they can take part time job or classes.

    • pearlvintage commented : Sorry for E-san women, most of them have wrong perception about marrying foreign guy would make them rich. It must be true in some cases, but I think it's wrong if they thought they will have a better life in foreign country. it's nonsense really, I don't respect those women at all; therefore, I agree that people should have English test before they could get any kind of visa, or stay in those countries. BOO!!!!!

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