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    Thai politics

    Thailand so beautiful but so deadly

    By kngdady, Created on: 10/06/2012, Last updated on: 13/12/2013

    » The leaders of Thailand which consist of the government and the opposition and a outlaw who happens to direct what the government does and not do. The political climate is burying this once proud people and country to an area which might be to hard to get out. Thailand has to dig itself of this...

    • hawaiiman commented : There is no chance of civil war in Thailand. The military will make certain of that. Problems in the South have been going on for 100 years, nothing new. The people of Isaan have received little from the central government. You can't blame them for being loyal to someone who has given them something, regardless of his lack of popularity in BKK. I worry that you are losing sleep and afraid, please move to a safer country, perhaps the UK or America. Of course the schools in America have metal detectors at the doors, and London has riots....

    • hawaiiman commented : This IS the Thai's country. Putting activists in jail just isn't possible, or "instilling" discipline (interesting concept) by what...putting all the poor into boot camps? Thailand isn't deadly, unless you forget your condoms in Pattaya, or ride the tourist buses. Admittedly it isn't a safe as 20 years ago when I first came here, but what is? It's sad that so many foreigners believe that Thailand needs to have the society bulldozed and a clone of whatever has been colonial power they originated from established. Thailand is Thailand. The food is great, the women are lovely, prices are reasonable, and it doesn't snow. So enjoy it!

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    Thai business stories

    Stimulating the economy

    By kngdady, Created on: 24/03/2009, Last updated on: 22/12/2010

    » One way to make money for the country is to establish a gaming zone such as Phuket or in a resort area. I believe most countries have some form of gambling from hourse races to lotterys. The money brought in through gaming can help fund a varity of projects such as education, improving infastructure...

    • sulasno commented : There are legal horse racing and lotteries in Thailand; and plenty of underground gambling dens

    • Eric commented : The idea of an intergrated resort with a casino as its main draw has been suggested by past government but shot down by lobby groups and NGOs. However the current economic crisis has exposed Thailand over dependent on export and there is a need for structural reforms. One area that will be seriously looked at is the tourism industry and perhaps the casino idea should be more palatable now. Taiwan and Singapore had very strong headwinds when deciding on their casino projects but have allowed that for pragmatic economic reasons. Malaysia which is a Muslim country has a casino where Singaporean patronised and Thais go to Cambodia casino. To stay competitive and provide tourists with another reasons to visit Thailand and grow the tourism industry; reasons enough to have casino. Perhaps have the casino in special zones or areas to pacific society resistance. To attract investors when economic will be depressed for next few years will be a challenge.

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