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    Air pollution and autism

    By jchealth, Created on: 01/03/2016, Last updated on: 01/03/2016

    » What is autism? Autism and autism spectral disorder (ASD) are both terms for a variety of disorders affecting brain development. Those with autism may have problems with social interaction. They may lack verbal and nonverbal communication skills or exhibit repetitive behaviours. Many with autism...

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    How To Choose The Best Air Purifier

    By jchealth, Created on: 10/02/2016, Last updated on: 10/02/2016

    » The air that we breathe has a great impact on our lives. We can survive for days without food and water, but only a few minutes without air. The quality of the air that we breathe is also of essential importance for our well-being. The less allergens, microorganisms and chemical pollu- tants we breathe,...

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    Secondhand smoke and Indoor Air Quality

    By jchealth, Created on: 10/02/2016, Last updated on: 10/02/2016

    » smoke is a dangerous and usually avoidable Indoor Air Quality problem. Secondhand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke, includes smoke that has been exhaled by a smoker (mainstream smoke) as well as smoke that enters the air directly from a burning cigarette, cigar or pipe (known as sidestream...

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    IQAir Selected to Provide Hong Kong Hospitals With New Tool

    By jchealth, Created on: 13/01/2016, Last updated on: 13/01/2016

    » Hong Kong Hospitals Get New Tool for the Fight against SARS Specialized air cleaners to be used to take virus out of the air. IQAir North America announced today that the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA) has selected IQAir’s advanced air filtration systems as a new tool for combating the SARS...

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    IQAir HealthPro 250 named best air purifier by top consumer

    By jchealth, Created on: 13/01/2016, Last updated on: 13/01/2016

    » The IQAir HealthPro® 250 air purifier has been named the Best Air Purifier Overall by, adding to an already long list of first-place awards for the world’s most advanced air purifier. based its award on the ability of the IQAir HealthPro 250 to provide high-performance...

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    Air Cleaning Perfection

    By jchealth, Created on: 13/01/2016, Last updated on: 13/01/2016

    » IQ Air the best clean Air in your house!!! Taking Air Cleaning To the Highest Level Has the air quality in your homes ever raised your concerns? IQAir is the best air cleaner for allergy and asthma sufferers! Producing a very high filtration efficiency for: Pet allergens, Dust, Mite, Pollen, Mould,...

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    Specializing in indoor Air and providing clean air solutions

    By jchealth, Created on: 13/01/2016, Last updated on: 13/01/2016

    » The air we breathe into our bodies is just as important as the food and beverages we consume. Air quality undoubtedly ranks as among the most significant factors on our health, making air purification one of our top priorities. With the knowledge from our experienced staff, our hands-on testing and...

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    Why IQ Air is the best Air Purifier?

    By jchealth, Created on: 13/01/2016, Last updated on: 13/01/2016

    » Many air purifiers use technology that produces potentially harmful byproducts, such as ozone, ions, chemicals and ultrafine particles. IQAir uses only the safest, healthiest and most effective technology to clean the air. Why risk your health on less effective methods when IQAir offers proven protection...

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    What is PM10 & PM2.5?

    By jchealth, Created on: 14/01/2016, Last updated on: 14/01/2016

    » Particulate matter, or PM, is the term for particles found in the air, including dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets. Particles can be suspended in the air for long periods of time. Some particles are large or dark enough to be seen as soot or smoke. Others are so small that individually...

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    Air purifiers may help with influenza at home

    By jchealth, Created on: 19/01/2016, Last updated on: 19/01/2016

    » Nobody wants to get sick, but when winter comes it seems inevitable that many of us will suffer from the inconvenient but dangerous seasonal influenza, commonly known as the flu. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that most people six months or older should get a flu vaccination. The...

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