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    America bashing at Esplanade Mall

    By gohmer, Created on: 09/05/2010, Last updated on: 11/06/2011

    ยป I putting this post up because it is related to international relationships with American citizens living and visiting Thailand. It illustrated to me that little is known about America by most people in Thailand, in fact, I think that few in the world truly understand what America is about and how...

    • Jefferson commented : WOW! another American, may I respectfully suggest that you recall the concept of free speech......whether or not the speech is insulting does not matter. Free speech means free speech, not speech that you and others approve of. Chill out.......and simply do not buy the shirt. Some Americans just might think that this post gives all Americans a bad all readers please take notice: some of us Yanks are perfectly OK with this T-shirt, as it is, after all, merely a T-shirt.

    • Na Fianna commented : [quote:2wxh31xo]700,000 US citizens come and spend money here as tourists every year[/quote:2wxh31xo] Is this a case of US citizens doing Thailand a large favour by choosing to come as you imply? Or perhaps the fact that an everage earner in America can act like a playboy in Thailand and do (pretty much) what they like? [quote:2wxh31xo]Our society, government, politics, economics are just too "foreign" for most Europeans to get. Their history just doesn't allow it.[/quote:2wxh31xo] I take exception to this. Quite a ridiculous remark. I've lived in America and met many wonderful Americans however statements like this are what perpetuate the 'Dumb American' stereotype. Pick up your closest 'American History' book. Go to the end. Flick back 5 chapters. This is the point where our histories diverge. Edit to say: I'm European [quote:2wxh31xo]I could go on a long rant about how many times America has aided Thailand over the past 70+ years[/quote:2wxh31xo] Don't forget Thailands neighbours too!!! [quote:2wxh31xo]So, as my right to exercise free speech, I am going to ask all Americans, and Europeans (if you think it would be offensive if they had your country's flag on the hand)[/quote:2wxh31xo] Slightly. But then the rest of us Europeans and Americans realise that our shit stinks too and we dont get up in arms over a T-Shirt. I

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