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    Thai news stories

    City Hall could care less

    By bobbyd, Created on: 12/12/2016, Last updated on: 29/12/2016

    » A beautiful one hundred year old teak house will be torn down to make way for Japanese developers, who plan to build a 27-story hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 14. The house was built by a Thai general nicknamed, “The Duke,” who was regent to Rama 8. His son - who was the Ambassador to Laos - was...

    • nathanw commented : But was it a historic building? Had the city made that designation? Buildings come and go, just like everything else. And by the way, it's "city hall couldn't care less." Saying they could care less indicates they care to some degree -- right? But you mean to say they don't care at all. So they couldn't care less; they care as little as possible.

    • Stuart21 commented : "But was it a historic building? Had the city made that designation?" Not the same question. BTW, yes. It 'iswas' an historic building - have been through it.

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    Thai news stories

    Thai traffic logic

    By bobbyd, Created on: 20/08/2016, Last updated on: 02/10/2016

    » Pol Lt Gen Sanit said traffic lights were not suitable in Bangkok where the number of vehicles in each direction differed. Therefore, automated traffic lights might not be consistent with traffic conditions. Therefore, automated traffic lights might not be consistent with traffic conditions, he...

    • IsanEmmet commented : Gen. Sanit needs to authorise himself a day trip to Singapore (or any other modern city) and see their electronic traffic control room operation.

    • alconymous commented : Somebody tell him about the smart traffic light systems which used in all over the world.

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    Thai news stories

    Poor Post writing

    By bobbyd, Created on: 08/03/2016, Last updated on: 08/03/2016

    » This article “Bangkok has enough tap water until July, PM says”, is poorly done. A story of such major consequences would have to include contingency plans authorities would implement after July when water supposedly runs out. However, there is no mention in the story. A major impact event...

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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    Landlords pad the bill

    By bobbyd, Created on: 04/02/2016, Last updated on: 13/02/2016

    » Why doesn’t the govt go after apartment owners who jack up the electricity rates above the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) rates? Typical MEA rates are around 4 baht per unit of electricity. However, many tenants pay rates of 7 baht per unit as owners simply declare that the unit rate...

    • Jorgen commented : My landlord is cheating me! He and his family live on the property. It’s awkward when we pass by as I don't make eye contact with any of them.

    • onlyme commented : Welcome to Thailand, enjoy your stay.

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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    No pay hike for cops ever

    By bobbyd, Created on: 09/11/2015, Last updated on: 11/11/2015

    » It occurred to me that Thailand’s finest will never receive decent salaries because the hi-so’s here won’t be able to control them then.

    • DonAleman commented : I, partially, agree to no re pay raises for the PRESENT force but believe by getting in new leadership with proven/effective/turn around capabilities, raising hiring qualifications to include education - then start new salary levels/benefits/pensions to keep them honest and not so needy they must solicit bribes. First trash, from the top down the present force, selecting those few that could meet new qualifications. Probably means a new, foreign top dog to avoid local obligations, relatives and friends. Someone who owes nothing to any Thai Hi so !

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    Pub + amusement

    ‘On 8’ café breakfast review

    By bobbyd, Created on: 24/08/2015, Last updated on: 24/08/2015

    » Went to breakfast on Sukhumvit, Soi 8. A place called On 8 café in the On 8 hotel. Have an entrance on main Sukhumvit road as well. Sat down at the table and when I looked across the table at my family, behind them on the wall was a TV with an American Seal navy, blow’em up, shoot’em down...

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    Thai airports, trains, buses, public transport

    Rockets and flying in Thailand

    By bobbyd, Created on: 03/08/2015, Last updated on: 03/08/2015

    » Better add July too! Read last week, two air force pilots on a training mission were shocked to see three bung fai rockets cross their flight path within 200 metres of their aircraft! Usually in the Bang Fai rocket festival launches take place in May and June!

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    Pub + amusement

    Kuppa Sunday brunch review

    By bobbyd, Created on: 26/07/2015, Last updated on: 26/07/2015

    » If you’re paying good money for breakfast and that’s what you pay at Kuppa, then you should get a quality meal. Disappointing would be the word to describe the Kuppa Eggs Benedict. Yes it tasted good, but the plate was simply Eggs Benedict (two halves of an English muffin, topped with ham, poached...

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    Thai environment, energy, safety issues

    More advert screens for Bangkok parks?

    By bobbyd, Created on: 09/07/2015, Last updated on: 17/07/2015

    » The Mall Group’s ‘EmSphere’ mall will open sometime soon on the west side of Benjasiri Park! Can we now expect them to blast the park with even more giant advert screens? The picture below is from the Mall Group’s EmQuartier shopping complex which is on the east side of the park. [img:3k0tdjpr]http://www.bangkokpost.com/media/content/20150709/1084536.jpg[/img:3k0tdjpr]...

    • Pinut commented : At least we don't have to look at it. But we are forced to listen to music blasted out from loudspeakers in almost every "Park" in Bangkok.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Ban Rod the Mod?

    By bobbyd, Created on: 18/06/2015, Last updated on: 18/06/2015

    » What about Mr Stewart? (is he a "Sir" yet?) “I fell in love with a slit eyed lady, by the light of an eastern moon”! Lyric to ‘Every picture tells a story’. Leicester City sack 3 for Bangkok racism Leicester tries apology for Bangkok racism http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/sports/...

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