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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Counter Corruption Act B.E. 2542

    By Chris-TH, Created on: 19/06/2009, Last updated on: 01/07/2009

    » Well, it seems that the Section 100 (3) "ghost" has appeared again. Just a reminder: "(3) being a concessionaire or continuing to hold a concession from the State, State agency, State enterprise or local administration or being a party to a contract of a directly or indirectly monopolistic...

    • sai commented : Chris-Th If you see in past Thai juristic system it’s a not for all same. I don’t thing so some of the major MP will by punish. Maybe some of not imported Mp will by replace but not Sudhep or Chidchob. Constitution court will by clear all for some of reason. 3 weeks and now one will by remember this issue .Most imported now in Thailand it’s Panda in Zoo.

    • sulasno commented : Quote of the century "It was an honest mistake"

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Where did they all go????

    By Chris-TH, Created on: 27/05/2009, Last updated on: 10/07/2009

    » Nope, this is not about missing persons from various protests over the years, but rather Court cases. Here is a tiny list: 1. The 2-3 digit lottery case with about 50 people involved 2. The donation case to the Dem party 3. The airport case (PAD) 4. The GH case (PAD) 5. The civilian damage cases...

    • Chris-TH commented : [quote="alex1":2kf7z2ca][quote="Chris-TH":2kf7z2ca][quote="sulasno":2kf7z2ca]4. The GH case (PAD) - the Court decided not to proceed with the case since the PAD does not occupy the GH now [/quote:2kf7z2ca] Sorry Sul, forgot that one. (I kinda like it though. I kill a man with a gun, throw the gun away, and is not charged with murder because I dont own a gun anymore???)[/quote:2kf7z2ca] You've got thé point, as the court has no strong evidence, unless you might be one of the rural people, if that applies, the evidence might be strong enough, even without the gun, to sentence you. [/quote:2kf7z2ca] Well alex1, I was thinking more about doing the shooting in front of the cameras, pay the bail, throw the gun away, and THEN go clear.....!!!!

    • Ian commented : [quote="bkpforummod":1rfh3e5y]BTW - Not to beat a dead horse, but after learning and being warned of this situation I was on my way home recently (very late as I am night shift BKKP as moderator), and noticed a motorbike come out of no where but speeding heavily, which would easily put them along side me in a few seconds... I held speed until they got about 5 meters back, then swerved away to gain space, dropped a gear, the clutch and touched the break. This caused them to fly past me - with a look of astonishiment from the driver and passanger. Standard, and very basic, fighter pilot move in a dog fight...Now I was on their but@. Admittedly, I do not know what their intentions were, it could have just been a couple of guys on their way home... But that reminds me - I need to look up the proper drop for a [mobile] forward adversary...Initial thoughts say outstep at safe distance, reaquire them on the tailside... Great for fighter planes, not so good for driving Thai motorbikes... BFM - But Thai cops aren't helping us so...[/quote:1rfh3e5y] One question, if you are wearing a full face helmet how do they know you are a farang? Another comment If two up on a motorbike can overtake you, seems like you need a faster bike.

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