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    Rude immigration staff

    By ChiefSealth, Created on: 27/04/2009, Last updated on: 19/08/2010

    ยป Is it just me or have you also notice how rude and disgruntled the Thai immigration staff seems to be at BKK? I thought it was just a fluke my first visit but now I've experienced very unfriendly and rude staff multiple times entering and exiting Thailand. And before anyone asks all of my forms and...

    • Domrei commented : [color=#BF0000:2db583r8]Why are you complaining???? Others less fortunate than you were pushed back into the sea, or landmine-infested border areas and shot, raped or killed by the soldiers from the Land of Smile! For decades these people from neighbouring Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam have suffered untold injustices. Please stop complaining.[/color:2db583r8]

    • Victor commented : Rude immigration officials can be found anywhere because they don't have good manner and mistook their duties...same as those visa staff of most countries. I once was searched and treated badly at the Athen airport when they couldn't find anything in my luggage (almost miss the flight), and before they let me go, asked if I have any US dollar with me.

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