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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns


    By somjai, Created on: 01/01/2009, Last updated on: 16/06/2009

    » I am here to share my personal experience. And I’m not here to offend anyone. Hopefully I can open your mind to reality to treat Asian women with respect. In 1986, I was a young beautiful naïve Thai girl, 20, who held onto the Asian tradition. For this reason I stayed in a miserable marriage....

    • stilljustbrowsing commented : A "marriage" considered as a "contract" or a "partnership" is doomed to failure. Whatever happened to LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! For sure it has to be a two way thing, or again it will fail!

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    Setting up a company in Thailand - what's required

    reciprocal agreements

    By tingtong, Created on: 09/10/2008, Last updated on: 15/02/2015

    » Not only do ex prime ministers live in exile but any wealthy Thai can buy what they like in Uk. I dont know about other countries but I suspect the same. Not only can a Thai buy a house to live in, but hotels and even football teams of national importance. A six month visa is the smallest...

    • Thulsa Doom commented : [quote="tingtong"]Not only do ex prime ministers live in exile but any wealthy Thai can buy what they like in Uk. I dont know about other countries but I suspect the same. Wrong tingtong In general rule, Thai citizens are not allowed to own land, house, or condo in Switzerland. They are allowed to do so only under the following conditions: 1) Having permanent residency (which can be obtained after 12 years of continuous journey here). In such case, they can own only their main property but are not allowed to buy any other one for speculation. Of course, if they lose for any reason their permanent residency status, they are not allowed to own anything anymore and must sell their property in a given time. 2)Buying property through the Law of Swiss Property Purchase by Foreigners living abroad. Thai citizens who are not resident in Switzerland have the right to buy one property under authorization of Swiss Government as holiday property. Such properties are alvailable in a limited number per year and are situated in specific and mandatory places. Of course the Swiss Government can refuse such privilege for any reason it wants. 3) Thai companies based in Switzerland are not allowed to own Swiss land( (it means majority of Thai shareowners) 4) Swiss companies but managed by a Thai CEO are not allowed to own Swiss land. I give you an example: the Prime Minister of Italy Mr Berlusconi who is as rich as Thaksin had his purchase of a property in East Switzerland refused. Finally he bought and owned it through his mother who is an Italian permanent resident in Switzerland since many years. So i am quite sure that Thaksin even if he is so rich can buy anything he wants in Switzerland...

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    About Face.

    By Sean Moran, Created on: 14/10/2008, Last updated on: 13/04/2014

    » One olde axiom that comes to mind is, '[i:3b539sim]If you can't say something nice, then keep your mouth s.h.u.t.[/i:3b539sim]' Just a thread that pertains to one of the cultural differences one might notice in venturing from a typical 'westernised' society of the assertive kind to the shores of...

    • fast eddy commented : Well, its been a hell of a move. Had to gut the building, completely rewire the electics, install a new toilet and plumbing, put on a new roof and replace windows and walls as well as the cosmetic touches such as painting. The back of the move is broken now and we're enjoying a week or so of hols. Sean, Happy New year mate and say helo to my cousin Claire who lives in Perth with you (she's married to Troy the Chef and they've just had a baby daughter - Perth is small enough that you'll soon track her down assuming you accept this mission) cheers fast Eddy

    • Sean Moran commented : Oh! I don't think enrolment numbers really matter all that much now then. How did you find the existing electrical job up in the roof? PVC tape nirvana or wot??? Now I've had a year to think it over, I reckon this topic is too broad for a journalism forumn like this one... ... what about stamp-collecting instead? They have a special name for that like philanderopy or something like that. You got a stamp collection? ---ooo--- BTW: I'll wish the first Claire I come across today Happy New Year, and tell her it's from her cousin Eddy.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Living in an Isarn Village

    By Anonymous, Created on: 01/01/2008, Last updated on: 17/04/2010

    » I have been several times visiting my girlfriend’s village in Isarn, near Mukdahan. First time I was there I felt in love with the place and immediately wanted to build a house and spend part of my time living there. The place appeared to me so nice and authentic, the rice fields, the vegetation,...

    • Justice_Served commented : Wireless internet is a MUST! Their many areas where small communities are full of westerners . Small 20-30 gated housing developments full of foreigners. But they too leave for long extended times and appear as ghost towns. Ive seen many near Khao Yai or Khorat areas. The north is also full of them. I suggest buying a small town house on leased ground to start your venture. Its a cheaper alternative than building a 2 story house out in the country , find some where near that's accommodates the westerns living standards before the deep plunge of village life Think of a small business you can start to employ a few locals as more for some thing to do than a get rich scheme on your behalf. Or do as many pass your learnings on to the children of less fortunate nature , so your knowledge may be used more as a gift that a profit . Teach a youngster how to manufacture some thing he can earn of living from . Theirs endless ways to keep your attention on the limits of endless fun .I found best results to intermingle with all in the community . Each corner you turn will add pleasure and excitment, many found lost in boredom has not left the front porch other than a beer run in last 3-4 weeks.

    • Justice_Served commented : Other advice study up on fish farming in the back yard chickens are poop eaters and nasty . A mobil rice mill being pulled by your motor bike village to village will keep ya busy part of the year Remember 10 bth @ a time will be your HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Proof of income needed to marry?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 03/01/2008, Last updated on: 01/01/2009

    » Can someone please clarify if you need a proof of income in order to marry in Bangkok in an Amphur Office?

    • Justice_Served commented : Chok Dee meaning Good Luck ........ DONT FORGET ABOUT THE SICK OX

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