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    Thai airports, trains, buses, public transport

    Taxis at airport

    By Anonymous, Created on: 03/10/2006, Last updated on: 20/03/2010

    » I/ am a frequent business/holiday traveller all over the world. In the 30 years that I have flown everywhere, I have yet to land in an airport where I could not board a taxi straight after customs clearance and straight to my hotel.Well, the impossible has happened here at the brand-new state-of...

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Getting married to thai girl and getting Visa for Australia

    By Anonymous, Created on: 16/07/2006, Last updated on: 13/08/2007

    » On August the 28th i will Marry my Beautiful Thai girl friend i hope that we will be able to obtain a partner visa by Xmas so that herand her daughter will be here in Australia for the new year any advice on how to obtain Visa and how to have our mariage legally reconised will be much apreciated

    • Anonymous commented : On Talking with my new wife I was informed that Bangrak District office never said anything regarding charging 500Bht to provide a stand in as a 2nd witness. My wife had heard from friends that it is sometimes possible at other District offices, but has never heard that it is possible at Bangrak. My Apologies to Bangrak District offices for inferring that was what they do.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    thai divorce with out husbands involment

    By Anonymous, Created on: 03/04/2006, Last updated on: 26/04/2007

    » i have learn that my girl is stil married. she believes that BOTH her and her husband must go do the paperwork to obtain a divorce. is this so? the former husbands whereabouts are unknown - he has a girlfriend. can my girl get a divorce without him? if she is still legally married, registered...

    • Anonymous commented : How can I find out if my thai wife has devorced me in Bangkok since we last parted 14 years ago. She lived in Bangkok where we were married. I returned back to UK and we have had no contact since. I need to find out if she filed for divorse

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