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    Thai environment, energy, safety issues

    Farmers won't use this machine

    By thompson, Created on: 22/01/2016, Last updated on: 22/01/2016

    » Can't see this contraption will make it to the fields. So much easier to light a match to burn those crops, despite what the article says that it's a much more affordable and attractive alternative. It cost's 100,000 baht to make one, so it will sell for at least double. Forget it. Haze will...

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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    Hard life in Krungthep

    By thompson, Created on: 12/12/2015, Last updated on: 12/12/2015

    » A Bangkokian talks about the struggles of living in the nation’s capital. Most residents are struggling to cover their monthly expenses, while money is not easy to come by these days. Sakulrat Thongtongkham knows she will be punished by Bangkok’s unrelenting andunforgiving traffic should she...

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    Thai news stories

    Miss Thailand 2015

    By thompson, Created on: 20/07/2015, Last updated on: 12/09/2015

    » Twenty-one year old social studies beauty, Ms Nat Chaloemburanawong from Lampang was top of the heap on Saturday night with her 176 centimeters, 32-25-35 figure. I rather prefer Miss Japan 2015, Ariana Miyamoto! (below) [img:2hxqusvp][/img:2hxqusvp]...

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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    Expensive cinema

    By thompson, Created on: 08/06/2015, Last updated on: 13/10/2015

    » Went to see ‘The Spy’ film at SFX Cinema in the Emporium on the weekend. Seven hundred baht just for the two tickets! Seems awfully expensive for this country. Hardly anyone in the theater as well. Think I know why. Granted the seat and theater was nice, but that’s too expensive to see a film,...

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    Thai news stories

    Thais aren’t the only crazy drivers!

    By thompson, Created on: 20/04/2015, Last updated on: 12/09/2015

    » Police shot out 3 tyres to stop an American woman who drove the wrong way down a street in Pattaya. The 29-year-old woman went for a drive that went from bad to worse, smashing into 13 vehicles and causing minor injuries. She drove the wrong way down Soi Siam Country Club in East Pattaya hitting...

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    Thai business stories

    Does Bangkok need more 7- Eleven’s?

    By thompson, Created on: 29/03/2015, Last updated on: 29/03/2015

    » Wrong question! The question is why doesn’t the city of Bangkok try to control commercialism from creeping into residential areas. We know the answer: MONEY POWER CP Group, the nice folks who run the 7-Eleven franchise business and many many more businesses such as TRUE, etc is powerful....

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    Thai news stories

    No snacks and smokes for Phuket

    By thompson, Created on: 19/02/2015, Last updated on: 19/02/2015

    » The Phuket guvnah declared an eats and cigs beach embargo. Thank goodness he didn't ban bevys! Apparantly your not to bring your beach chair either. Bumbershoots and mats are ok, though. The guv left some pamphlets on the beach which read, ‘no summer dream on beach start Feb 2015’!! Thanks...

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    Thai news stories

    New klong boat services

    By thompson, Created on: 27/02/2015, Last updated on: 12/09/2015

    » ‘Great idea, however unlike the little hand paddled boats of the past, noise and erosion generated from the bigger boats like what one sees on Klong Saen Saep will be formidable! Nine major canals to get a clean up, to pave the way for new boat services.

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    Visa / work permit / resident / citizenship / dual passport - what's required

    Latest Permanent Residency update

    By len, Created on: 02/01/2015, Last updated on: 16/04/2015

    » Permanent residency applications are typically submitted the last 2 weeks of the year. However in 2014, the govt made no announcement that application would be accepted. Having collected all the necessary documents obviously, I was gutted no announcement was forthcoming. Last week I phoned the...

    • thompson commented : Anyone have thoughts on applying for citizenship instead of PR? If you’re married to a Thai, it’s my understanding it’s easier and less expensive to go the citizenship route plus seems the PR benefits are rather minimal in comparison.

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    Thai airports, trains, buses, public transport

    Careful flying into Chiang Mai during Nov / Dec

    By len, Created on: 08/01/2015, Last updated on: 22/01/2015

    » Hot-air lantern was sucked into the engine of Bangkok Airways Airbus A320 plane at Chiang Mai airport jet forcing the cancelation of the New Year’s flight. [img:3v6yie3w][/img:3v6yie3w] [img:3v6yie3w][/img:3v6yie3w]...

    • thompson commented : [quote:1uxw1bqn]There are hundreds of these lanterns being launched by people all over the area during New Year’s. [/quote:1uxw1bqn] I read that from November 5 to 9, 2014 pilots were warned of areas where 12,704 sky lanterns were launched!

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