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    Thai politics


    By Luvtat, Created on: 23/01/2014, Last updated on: 29/06/2014

    » For those you who think reform can be done overnight think again. Reform may take years to get done, but if the new Pm asks the courts to help and the courts limit the powers of the PM and MP's to create laws and schemes then it might be done within a year or two. But it would need the help of all...

    • phojunk commented : Luvtat, I understand your position regarding everybody has an equal right to vote. But that is just an aspect of a representative democracy. Now when people talk about democracy, that term is awfully vague. Take for example American politics since somebody mentioned it. The founders of America were scared of two things more than anything else when they formed the country's constitution. Powerful centralized government and tyranny of the majority. Now if we take that into account this is exactly the problem Thailand has. Now people would think that tyranny of the majority is democratic. Since the majority should decide what to do with the country right? Wrong. What has killed most direct democracy (pure democracy) since ancient Greek is the majority that comes out of a faction. Factions are groups of people with a similar goal in political interests. Factions are now represented by political parties. Take for example the problem with democracy in the middle east. Many middle eastern countries elect non-secular Muslim who then creates law that only benefits the majorities and oppressing the minorities. This is a classic example of the failure of democracy. And as we all know the majority are not always correct and giving them free reign can sometime leads a country into a conflict. Now how the US did it is through 'check and balance' I don't like the word 'balance' cause they imply that each branches of the government are equal, but no country is. Each branches of the government would check on one another. And spreading the power of these branches in order to stop one branch of the government becoming too powerful. How they stop the tyranny of the majority is most importantly by the senate. Each states of the government would get 2 senators each. Despite the fact that some state vary so much in population. So in terms of representation, a small minority could vetoed and make laws just as the majority can. Now is this a democratic? no. So what exactly is democracy?

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    Thai politics

    How do we fight corruption?

    By chopinfan, Created on: 19/12/2013, Last updated on: 06/02/2014

    » I ran into a very interesting article about how Singapore fought corruption successfully. Surely many will have different opinions t but perhaps we can learn and adapt it for Thailand if people are willing to make this happen quickly.

    • phojunk commented : People really need to start reading on why technocrats is frowned upon by the rest of the world. Soviet Union rings any bell? Anyway I think that to fight corruption, it all ties down to the constitution. How each branches of our government function without a sufficient check and balance. Separation of power. Spread the government's power so that a handfew doesn't get to control the government. Give politicians incentives not to corrupt. Give them incentives to check on each other. By doing this it would not be brute force that fight corruption but the corruption correcting itself. Society have to change also. We have to stop being passive. Like the slogan we hear since we're a child. 'Be a good kid, listen to your mum, your dad, your teacher.' No don't just listen, hear then think critically. And the way we use the word 'play' politics. 'Play' politics. Is this some kind of poker game. Oh damn it actually is quite similar isn't it? Anyway about the constitution part I really recommend people read the James Madison (US founding father) federalists #51. Most of the problems we are suffering from is in this paper and federalists #10.

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