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    Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

    By needchange, Created on: 17/10/2010, Last updated on: 24/11/2015

    » Everyone knows the story of what has been happening in the US in terms of the trade deficit with China. If you go to Walmart, almost every product sold there comes from China. Walmart is America's biggest retailer if I'm correct. The trend is the same at many other retailers around the country. So...

    • needchange commented : It would not be a bad thing if in fact things turned around and China wasn't a location for cheap goods. With such a massive population and a government that can do anything and allow anything in the name of the nation, I surely doubt that China is going to give up market share. It hasn't even got started yet in terms of 'capitalism.' All nations have the desire to better their own nation. In Thailand's case, where 15% of the population is ChineseThai and still has strong cultural and traditional connections to China and that 15% controls most of the power and wealth in Thailand, it will be a challenge for those in Thailand who wish all Thais to take a more pro-Thai stance on business. The feedline of cheap Chinese products has been running for over a century. Breaking this supplyline will only happen when the Thais doing business with China choose helping Thais over quick profits. The business relationship with China weakens the voice of all Thais. If you look at the US-China or US Saudi relationships, it's clear to see that once a dependance on the goods supplied by these countries was established the US lost power in its own decision-making. Not being able to influence these two foreign nations and instead being submissive to them has been one of the side effects of doing too much business with these nations. The US has little power over getting a deal on currency rates now that so many US companies are making money only by importing from China. It's like the drug user who becomes a slave of his supplier. The story with Saudi Arabia goes much further. It's obvious that the US has become protector of its supplier and so has gotten mixed up in foreign wars and in paying for them. So you have to ask how beneficial are these business relationship to the nation as a whole? They do benefit the importers (Walmart and oil companies) but the people are losing jobs and losing their power in terms of choosing the nations destiny.

    • needchange commented : I agree with your points about Thailand not developing the tech sector more. There are many companies involved in tech in Thailand in Prathumthani, Ayuttaya and Chonburi. Western Digital, DDK, and Seagate are a few names that come to mind. Hutchinson is building a factory here too. Of course, when it comes to the money-making industries more is better so Thailand should do more to encourage Thais and Thai educators to explore this field. As for 'environmental redtape', I can't say I agree. As it is Thailand already has a lot of pollution. Lowering standards to be competitive is not a solution if the enviromental laws are the right thing to do. As for building power plants, well Thailand does need to do more in that area but again lowering standards is not the solution in my view. Thailand shouldn't become like China to compete with China. In a lot of areas Thailand is competing well. The problem as I stated is that many Thais do not really have allegiance to the nation when it comes to making money. The laws against foreigners and foreign companies in Thailand are too strict against non-Asian foreigners while at the same time practically not enforced against Asian foreigners. So what's happening in Thailand is Thailand is being sold out mostly to China by those in Thailand doing business with China. In addition, many Chinese, through corruption, have attained Thai citizenship in short time and now do business as 'Thais' without the hassles other foreigners would have to face. Many of these business people do not have the intention to help Thailand by employing Thais but rather are here for quick money by importing more and more goods from cheap China. So what happens is another 'foreigner' gets wealthy by exploiting corruption and Thais still don't have jobs. JMHO By starting this thread I never intended to go into all the reasons why Thailand could be better businesswise but intended to focus on the Thai-Chinese connection which is the elephant in the room no one with power seems to want to acknowledge.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Can't take it anymore

    By trojan, Created on: 21/07/2009, Last updated on: 01/01/2011

    » I'm curious to know if anyone feels they can't take anymore of the lack of freedom of speech and corruption in Thailand. Maybe you've already packed up and moved on or are seriously contemplating it because of the above reasons or even know people that have left for similar reasons. Personally I've...

    • needchange commented : I agree with the OP. It's harder to live here. Foreigners are always foreigners even if they were to get citizenship. Corruption is horrible and at this point I tend to just encourage other foreigners to take part in it as the powers that be here seem to love it. Everything bad can happen here as you see with the child porn on the streets. The police like it because it makes them money I guess. If not they are just lazy worthless bums that do not do their jobs. Both are probably true. No doubt there are some good people here in Thailand including in the police force but they are too weak/cowardly to speak out. Thailand really hasn't changed for the better in moral way since I got hear back in the 90s. To be honest, I've lost respect for most better-off educated Thais. There are very few real Buddhists here too. At first I went along with the glowing lie as if there were something higher here and something more peaceful but over time I've come to realise that Thailand has little over other countries. It's people including most of the poor deserve the country as it is. Foreigners should spend their money to help Thais when there are plenty of billionaires right here in Thailand who cold easily pay more and do to help the countries people and poor. The beauty of the Thai isn't the same. Thailand is what it is. All the bad things that go on in Thailand are wanted by the people no matter what the rest of the world thinks. As it is, Thailand is a great place for corrupt-minded people like the people here. Don't be the knight in shining armor because there's no one to save here. If you like crime and exploitation, stay here and laugh with the powerful people. If not, go to a place that wants better.

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