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    Thai politics

    Thailand so beautiful but so deadly

    By kngdady, Created on: 10/06/2012, Last updated on: 13/12/2013

    » The leaders of Thailand which consist of the government and the opposition and a outlaw who happens to direct what the government does and not do. The political climate is burying this once proud people and country to an area which might be to hard to get out. Thailand has to dig itself of this...

    • mutley commented : Maybe hawaiiman. Yes, Thailand is a great place to live if you happen to be a 'farang' or a fully paid up member of the 'phoo yaai' but do you never stop to think about the lives of the 'phoo lek'. The only things that I can see as deadly are the complete lack of discipline on Thailands roads (and pavements in some places) and the inability of the govt. to do anything about the scabby stray cats and dogs that roam freely. Beautful? Well yes, if you can find places where Thai litterbugs haven't yet been. Bottles thrown from car windows. Plastic bags full of rubbish left at picnic sites or just thrown by the side of the road and left to rot. Rivers and lakes aren't immune from their depredations either. Mae nam? Given the nationalist fervour seemingly prevalent in Thailand, one would have thought that schools should be teaching pupils to cease behaving in this way. Maybe they should adopt the system in some US states where schools are given a certain stretch of road to clean. Maybe not though. They'd only end up being killed by someone on motor scooters.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 28/01/2008, Last updated on: 05/02/2014

    » The advertising board on the way to Airport is shown "Foreigner Zone.. Buying house (somewhere around Bangkok..) Foreigner, with Special Price!!" I know the property company may want to attract foreigners to invest in property in Thailand. But, what about Thais who also want to own the...

    • mutley commented : [quote:2n0inn7w]by philhal2 on Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:51 am Very little knowledge displayed here . Simple internet search shows requirements for Thai citizenship , 5 years continuous residency , able to speak Thai and have sufficient funds or suitable employment .100 people from each nation are able to apply annually .I guess unless you can have dual citizenship most " FARANGS "would not forgo the benefits of their own homeland , pensions ,embassies etc !!!!! [/quote:2n0inn7w] What you read on the internet bears no relation to what you get at immigration. Nothing is explained, things can change overnight and between officials. I speak Thai reasonably well but when I went to immigration, I spoke Thai to the official and he just got up and walked off. The official next to him turned to me and said, 'He doesn't like 'farangs' who speak Thai'. Very little knowledge philal. Nonsense.

    • mutley commented : Hm. I didn't know that ZxMx. Interesting. Can't hurt to check it out. Just a little story. I took my Thai wife to Vientaine for a bit of shopping. She did the shopping. When she came back, she said that she was sure she had been cheated. "Welcome to the world of foreigners", I replied. LOL

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