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    Thai politics

    Thailand so beautiful but so deadly

    By kngdady, Created on: 10/06/2012, Last updated on: 13/12/2013

    » The leaders of Thailand which consist of the government and the opposition and a outlaw who happens to direct what the government does and not do. The political climate is burying this once proud people and country to an area which might be to hard to get out. Thailand has to dig itself of this...

    • hawaiiman commented : There is no chance of civil war in Thailand. The military will make certain of that. Problems in the South have been going on for 100 years, nothing new. The people of Isaan have received little from the central government. You can't blame them for being loyal to someone who has given them something, regardless of his lack of popularity in BKK. I worry that you are losing sleep and afraid, please move to a safer country, perhaps the UK or America. Of course the schools in America have metal detectors at the doors, and London has riots....

    • hawaiiman commented : This IS the Thai's country. Putting activists in jail just isn't possible, or "instilling" discipline (interesting concept) by what...putting all the poor into boot camps? Thailand isn't deadly, unless you forget your condoms in Pattaya, or ride the tourist buses. Admittedly it isn't a safe as 20 years ago when I first came here, but what is? It's sad that so many foreigners believe that Thailand needs to have the society bulldozed and a clone of whatever has been colonial power they originated from established. Thailand is Thailand. The food is great, the women are lovely, prices are reasonable, and it doesn't snow. So enjoy it!

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Legal Advise 14 years of employment

    By madz, Created on: 02/07/2012, Last updated on: 01/01/2013

    » Hi I been working for thai company for 14 years and now they let me go coz they are downsizing I get paid 4000 US$ but they are giving me severance pay for the official salary that they submit to labor law which is 50,000 baht. Do i have a case here?

    • hawaiiman commented : Ok, so for 14 years you've been avoiding Thai taxes on much of your income. What about US (or wherever) taxes? Reporting the 50,000b? You've been getting 120,000b per month which is 10 times the salary of most Thai lower management types and living in a country that has a relatively low cost of living. Anyone living in Thailand for more than a few months realizes that everything is subject to change. If after 14 years of living high, you haven't set yourself up comfortably, no one to blame but self. A case?

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    Pub + amusement

    How come ATV's are not road legal in Thailand?

    By modsquad, Created on: 16/10/2011, Last updated on: 12/03/2016

    » Inadvertently deleted post. Here is the original entry. by allied on Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:41 am I am at a loss to understand why all terrain vehicles (quad bikes) are not road legal in Thailand. Many of the roads in Thailand are rough which is why most ofter people drive 4x4 or pick ups. If you go...

    • hawaiiman commented : ATV's can be made road legal in Thailand...just go for it, and when busted show your ATV use permit (500b note).

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    Thai environment, energy, safety issues

    Nuclear Power for Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 04/09/2007, Last updated on: 09/07/2014

    » The Prime Minister has explained the plan for a nuclear power plant to produce energy for Thailand and help Thailand move away from reliance on oil and gas. Thailand is a net importer of energy, getting much of its energy from the middle east at a huge cost to the country. Added to that the use of...

    • hawaiiman commented : The world's only relatively fail safe nuclear reactors were either designed for or copied from the designes for the usa navy. The 2 big problems with fission reactors are the extremely long half life of some of the by products of fission, particularly in reactors using plutonium. To err is human, it's true, but if the oops lasts for centuries, that's something to be avoided. The other side is the long half life of the contaminated building and spent fuel, and other materials that must be buried, or whatever.It's a big mess which just keeps on getting bigger, and passes the mess on to future generations. Not smart. Energy needs are out of hand because of overpopulation, unrealistic usage, and the growth is good mantra. Energy solutions are complex. There isn't any one size fits all. Conservation, improved infrastructure and a mix of sustainable means of production will solve the problem. Too bad people prefer sound bites to real thought.

    • hawaiiman commented : Leaks happen. Ok, so what? I would think that deaths would be a more significant concern. EVERY conventional form of energy is far more deadly. Check the number of deaths from accidents with: coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear is insignificant by comparison. No one has proved (yes I mean scientific proof)that small amounts of radiation are harmful. If release of radiation was the standard to ban a technology, then coal and gas would be quickly shut down as they release vast amounts of radiation, compared to nukes, due to the radon and other naturally occurring elements they contain. Don't get me wrong, I oppose commercial uses of fission as they are now designed, but the facts are the facts. "Japanese milk tests positive for radiation!!" the headline screams. So what? Milk contains phosphorous which is naturally radioactive. ALL milk tests positive for radiation. Hysteria is hysteria. LFTR nuke plants can offer a tested technology to fulfill the promise of nuclear power. Look it up.

    • hawaiiman commented : The NGO's and others aren't to bear all the blame. The real damage was done by the big corp's, especially GE who wanted to build plants with fuel supply contracts folded in, and the wepons hawks who realized thorium tech wasn't good for making bombs. Long before there WAS a protest movement, the US was turned away from thorium in favor of the current technology. Thorium tech was already a proven technology, but the plug was pulled. If not for the corps and the military industrial complex, there would be no protest movement, or energy shortage, because we would all have had thorium plants for 50 years! The whole deal stinks.

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    Thai business stories

    Trend of economy in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/08/2007, Last updated on: 19/05/2012

    » Economy is to exchange currency or things depend on the agreement of conditions. Economy growth will depend on its factor. In my opinion, trend of economy in Thailand in the last half year may to expand. I have three reasons for supporting my idea. First, businessmen have more trust for investing...

    • hawaiiman commented : @rooster. I applaud your concern for the less fortunate! However, all is not lost out here in the sticks. World sugar prices have meant that cane growing farmers are assured of success. The best thing about all those rich and selfish people, is that they stay with all their hiso friends, far away from us in the remote villages. Most of the tragedy here as everywhere else is caused by misfortune rooted in poor choices. As to the trend,obviously growth forecast at over 6% is wonderful. Only problem is contagion from the mess in Europe, which is only just beginning. Greece is bankrupt, as are Spain, Portugal, and probably Italy. The US market is plummeting to 11,700. In the SET, everything but defensive issues is getting punched around right now. Doubtless over the next few months, there will be some buying opportunities. Not yet.

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    Thai environment, energy, safety issues

    Solar Power

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/03/2005, Last updated on: 31/03/2015

    » I dont understand why Thailand is not using the sun which is there 365 days/year. Can anybody tell me ? I am in the process of building a house but when it comes to solar energy i might have to import myself to only then be confronted with a high import tax on such products. And that while closing...

    • hawaiiman commented : People are so strange! they like to use power all odd hours of day or night. They want their beer cold whether the sun is out or not, if ManU is on at 1:00 am, they want to watch it, etc They talk about being eco friendly, and then put in a system that requires lead acid battery back-up. Sorry, I know most of these points have been covered. My point? Uhhh.....wait...Oh Yeah! LFTR technology! It was developed at Oak Ridge in USA in the late 50's and a working plant was in operation for 10 years. This technology is so safe and stable, they could just turn the thing off Friday evening and switch it back on Monday morning. It uses low pressure fuel, so no hydrogen or steam explosion like in Japan and no chance of meltdown like Chernobyl. It recycles it's own fuel, so instead of 5-7% utilization like current plants, it uses above 99%, so no long term waste. Fuel is Thoreum which is common in the earths crust, and doesn't require the whole centrifuge complication to purify it (chemical rather than isatopic purification). So why didn't we go with it? The powers at the time were into making nuclear bombs and it is no good for that, unlike the systems we see today. Why don't we change now? GE and other heavy hitters make a good chunk of change selling nuclear fuel. Who is smart enough to do it? Chine (yup) sent a team to Oak Ridge and copied the existing files from the previous reactor and research. They will have first plants online in less than 5 years. With wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, you have to put the plant where the source is, then power lines to where the users are. Line loss 10%. LFTR can be small plants near the users.' Nuff said

    • hawaiiman commented : Sorry--it's China..not Chine. The plant will produce a small amount of radioactive plant components over the long term, but still light years ahead of current tech.

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