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    Thai environment, energy, safety issues

    The beaches of Thailand

    By jonotes, Created on: 25/04/2014, Last updated on: 04/09/2014

    » We have a home on the water in Ban Chang and recently have been unable to use it due to the deplorable condition of the beach and water. A five minute walk on the beach left our feet covered in a brown sticky goo. That was after trying to walk through the accumulation of garbage and waste on the beach....

    • Silaworld commented : I am afraid there is nothing much westerners can do about it. It is like preaching in an empty church... I am living here for over ten years now and it's becoming worse year after year! What a pity. Quick money rules everywhere in Thailand, Poor people do not care and actually they cause a lot of environmental problems. Middle class people are just occupied with complaining about every government, filling the streets with senseless protests. Rich people couldn't care less because they can go somewhere else. My Thai wife stops working this year and after that we will let Thailand for the Thai. Anyway, didn't you notice that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, year after year. Even in wintertime I can hardly stand the heat. This country is ruined by its people and by the climate. High time to move back to my beautiful European country. Even my wife longs to escape from this misery.

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    Thai news stories

    Buying goldplates in Thailand

    By Silaworld, Created on: 11/12/2012, Last updated on: 11/02/2016

    » I consider to buy gold in Thailand, as a security/investment. Asking for information in Thai gold/jewelry shops I found out that the goldplates ( 1,2,5 and 10 Baht)[b:21i54spf] only contain 96.5 % of pure gold[/b:21i54spf], whereas in Europe and probably in other so-called Western countries, goldbars...

    • Silaworld commented : jamjon01, Suppose I want to buy gold in Thailand, because I am here for a while. [b:3spvtxot]Suppose later I want to sell the plates in a European country because I am not in Thailand anymore...[/b:3spvtxot] I am almost sure I will not get Thai goldplates easily sold there, not because they are Thai but because they are only 96.5 % pure gold. I already asked the question to a European gold-trader and he confirmed this. So my question is stil valid;[u:3spvtxot][i:3spvtxot][b:3spvtxot] why in Thailand less purity than in Western countries???[/b:3spvtxot][/i:3spvtxot][/u:3spvtxot]

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    So called "yellow book" or Thai house book

    By Mr. Isaan, Created on: 31/01/2011, Last updated on: 05/02/2011

    » Recently I heard, if you have the so called "yellow book" or Thai house book, your entitled to medical treatment like Thai citizens. Is that true or another gossip in the farang community? Thanks in advance for information

    • Silaworld commented : Except for registering a boat, a motorbike and a car on my name, I have no idea for what else this yellow book might be useful for?! I am also a registered "patient" in a government hospital in another province than the one where I applied for the yellow book. Hospital' s administration never asked me for that book and I pay exactly the same fees as any other Thai citizen.

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="Ted":7o2q2zec]Having read about the yellow book in the Bangkok Post some time ago, yesterday at the immigration office in Surat Thani I have organised mine. My question is if you go to government hospital and require medication, can you purchase it at the phamacy at the hospital and pay the same as thai's. I take my father in law every two months to the hospital. I require medication for heart valve and would have consultation with doctor then. Currently I visit private hospital and the medication is very expensive. I have private insurance but this does not cover medication.[/quote:7o2q2zec] [color=#800000:7o2q2zec]I am a registered <patient> in a government (Red Cross) hospital. As I stated before, being registered in a hospital has nothing to do with a <yellow book> which I have for other reasons. I pay exactly the same doctor's fees, medication bills, and so on as any other Thai citizen. I also do not understand how you got a <yellow book> at the immigration office. The yellow and blue books are issued at the Amphur-office.[/color:7o2q2zec]

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    Visa / work permit / resident / citizenship / dual passport - what's required

    Can you INHERIT a House if you are not a Thai National?

    By tantric, Created on: 26/09/2010, Last updated on: 10/01/2012

    » Perhaps someone Living in Thailand-Local Thais,Expats,Experts.....Anyone can help me understand the answer to THIS Question:What if I get married to a Thai Citizen and We have have a house(In HER Name)and I know what the answer is to if SHE will get the House Free and Clear(If the House is all paid...

    • Silaworld commented : Tantric, Buy property (in a condominium) on your name only. After all, it's your money and if your wife or girlfriend or kik or whatever does not like it, just let her go; probably you might be better off without her if she doesn't like the idea. It's time farang in Thailand come to their senses and refuse to get ripped off just because of the sake of being allowed to have sex with a Thai woman. If you have the luck to meet a real honest Thai woman, as I did, she might even help you to buy property on your own name.

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Naked ownership and usufruct

    By Silaworld, Created on: 16/08/2010, Last updated on: 09/10/2010

    » My Thai wife and myself both own some properties on our own names in Thailand. Now we would like to purchase another property with naked ownership on my wife's name and usufruct on my name. Is this possible under Thai law and is it enough to communicate this to registration office on the day of registration?...

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="RogerRamjet":9k7luv4t]Yes. On the day of registration ask for a Blue and Yellow book. The Blue book will have your wife's name in it, the Yellow book will have your name in it, showing that you have an interest in the said house/property. If you already own properties in Thailand you would have known that already. Or are you just referring to copies of the chanote? There are two different entities here, the district office and the land department.[/quote:9k7luv4t] I do have properties in Thailand on my name only. For one of them I have a yellow book (from the district office) because this makes it easy to buy car, motorbike aso... I do not know the meaning of "CHANOTE". I really do not want to offend you... but... I am not sure you fully understand the difference between "naked ownership" and "usufruct". If you do, please accept my appologies.

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="RogerRamjet":110yge8w]silaworld, I do understand usufruct and naked ownership, which applies only in Louisiana, USA as far as I know. You are walking into an area of totally complex law, that is why I asked about the chanote title. Chanote is full title to the land, which you can never own if you are not Thai, that your wife can, if she has the money or income...etc etc etc. If you have properties (land) in your name only, then you are Thai and you don't need my help, so go to the district office or land department where they can inform you of the many Sor Kor, Sor Por etc etc titles and how and what you can do with the land.[/quote:110yge8w] RogerRamjet, I do not know about this item in USA. In Europe however, it's common practice and certainly in my country, which is Belgium by the way... No I am not Thai but my wife is. And yes, I own a house and an appartment; the house however is part of a condominium and that's why I could buy it on my name only. So, I presume my question is still unanswered?! Of course I could ask for information with one or other Thai lawfirm; but except for taking my money I fear they will tell me nonsense or plain lies.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Are divorce papers required

    By boatman37210, Created on: 23/08/2010, Last updated on: 23/04/2015

    » I am an American who will marry a wonderful Thai lady in November. I am 62 and have been married and divorced twice over the years. Do I have to provide copies of divorce papers for both marriages in order to marry? The reason I ask is the first divorce took place 30 years ago and I've since lost...

    • Silaworld commented : I do'nt understand all the crap about lying and copying divorce-papers. You have been married and divorced twice... that's ok! The essential thing is that you get your Affidavit at your embassy to start with. What AjarnV wrote is basically true. Just go to your embassy and they will tell you all the necessary steps to do, such as translation, legalisation, Office at ChaengWattana road, Amphur-office aso. One more thing, if you cannot speak Thai, you will need a Thai witness at the district-office (Amphur) who can speak English and translate the procedure for you. The translator must not be official... it can very well be somebody of your future family-in-law if he/she can speak some English. In my case I took my wife's sister who cannot speak English perfectly but ... I had my Thai wife to help her, because she even speaks English better than myself .

    • Silaworld commented : boatman, I have been married and divorced more than once outside Thailand. I have been married and divorced once in Thailand with a thai citizen. At the amphur I presented affidavit with thai translation and legalised at Chaeng wattana. I also showed them my previous Thai marriage certificate + divorce -certificate but they didn't even look at it. All this happened less than four years ago. I do not pretend to say that US_embassy's information might be wrong but maybe it's out of date or maybe some amphurs just do what they like!? Instead of strolling around in websites, I suggest you to [b:3fpmwvlj][size=150:3fpmwvlj]TALK [/size:3fpmwvlj][/b:3fpmwvlj]with embassy officials and [size=150:3fpmwvlj][b:3fpmwvlj]TALK [/b:3fpmwvlj][/size:3fpmwvlj]with amphur officials. Then you will be totally sure of whatever documents might be required. My experience with Thai official websites is that they often do not reflect reality as it is on the field. I could give you examples of requirements for one year Visas which on the field of reality are complete nonsense.

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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    Internet banking in Thailand

    By dillpickles98, Created on: 08/08/2009, Last updated on: 06/01/2014

    » Internet Banking in Thailand For the last 6 months i have tried to set up ACH banking from the U.S. to Thailand. The problem was when the trail deposits were posted from my U.S. Bank to BKK Bank of course they were only in Thai Baht. To complete verification one must enter the exact amount of the...

    • Silaworld commented : I have a Euro-account and 3 ThaiBaht-accounts (in different provinces) since about 5 years without problems with Bangkok Bank. Recently I opened Bualuang Ibanking and this works entirely to my satisfaction. Transferring money from Euro to Baht or inverse is a piece of cake. Transfers happen online and you know your rate. Transfer limit is 500.000 Baht/dayly. At the beginning when I opened something new, Bankstaff always asked for workpermit... but when I told them No Workpermit, everything still Ok. Actually, many westerner banks might take some lessons from major Thai banks.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Shoul I send her money monthly?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 07/01/2008, Last updated on: 17/06/2010

    » I had known her for 4 months, got engaged while visiting for the first time for 2 weeks, yet, only 2 months later, felt the pressure to pay the 250 K BHT for the 1 rai village lot. She says she has 1 Million BHT in the bank, but, does not want to touch it (keeping it for her 2 kids future…?)...

    • Silaworld commented : I can give one truly good piece of advice to any Westerner who wants to get involved (marriage...) with a Thai woman (why do they all want to be called <LADY> anyway?). Buy everything on your own name, ... condo, car, motorbike aso ... . After all it's YOUR money, isn't it? If she really loves you and not so much your money, she will accept this without any problem. If it's your money she's after, see her reaction when you tell her how you see things.

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