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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    Thai banks not accepting American citizen’s money!

    By len, Created on: 07/10/2013, Last updated on: 21/01/2014

    » Heard that Thai banks won’t accept American citizens opening bank accounts in Thailand due to strict demands the American tax folks are now taking on tracking overseas money. Can someone tell me if this is already in effect? What about existing accounts? Do they have to close?? Have any of...

    • Ian commented : In many countries Americans are surrendering American citizenship because of this, taking up citizenship of the country they are living in. But in Thailand you are stuffed, you won't get Thai citizenship.

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    Thai politics

    Corruption and politics

    By Ian, Created on: 26/05/2013, Last updated on: 13/12/2013

    » Whilst the UDD have many genuine grievances, there are many who are just along for the ride. Why is this? Well corruption at the local level, say 200 Baht to a traffic policeman, would seem to be perfectly acceptable to most Thais, but what about the major corruptions by governments running into billions...

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Are Farang invisible to Thai?

    By Jason McDonald, Created on: 21/06/2009, Last updated on: 15/12/2010

    » I ask this to find out if farang are really invisible to Thai. This has happened to me many times and I was wondering if it happens to other Westerners who live in Thai areas of Bangkok (or maybe elsewhere). When I am out with my Thai wife, especially shopping, I find that, Thai people refuse to...

    • Ian commented : [quote="sulasno":28jq4kd7]I could venture a guess the lady serving you does not speak English and hence avoid you[/quote:28jq4kd7] Exactly so, if you see her regularly and she gets to know you much will change. I have had the opposite also happen, I went to a health food shop with my Thai gf and had 6 shop assistants all trying to serve me, my gf and other shoppers were ignored. The same when I go to the bank, everyones says hello and the Bank manager rushes forward to deal with me. At a local large store I go to they always fetch me a chair to sit on while the gf wanders around the aisles and shelves.

    • Ian commented : [quote="BangkokRay":37pw4mtv]At a local large store I go to they always fetch me a chair to sit on while the gf wanders around the aisles and shelves. Geez Ian, why do you suppose they do that?[/quote:37pw4mtv] Simple really, they sell plastic chairs so first time there I took one to sit on. So now they fetch me a staff "not for sale" chair. i guess they figured no Thai would buy a chair with a resident farang in it, particulary when it is an old and ugly farang

    • Ian commented : [quote="BangkokRay":20rkaf4o]Ian, been there done that-and I'm not quite as old as you. While you're sitting there, they have to check on your health and well-being as well, by looking at you and smiling quite often. Quite amusing isn't it. One of the few joys of growing older in Thailand. I have often wondered if they are thinking something along the lines of: I could take better care of this old guy better than that woman that is out there shopping could. Keeps this old ego thinking.[/quote:20rkaf4o] They don't just wonder, those with a bit of English sometimes say so, but it's good keeps the gf on her toes, stops her getting complacent Actually the first year I moved in to the village a couple of middle aged dears asked me if I fancied their daughters as giks. Funy thing was I spoke no Thai, they spoke no English, so they had to use my gf to translate, no one seemed to find this strange.

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    Living in Thailand - adjusting + settling in

    Any advice on picking schools in Bangkok

    By terry, Created on: 13/06/2009, Last updated on: 14/03/2011

    » The international schools are very very expensive in Thailand. Would anyone have some suggestions on good alternatives in Bangkok, if there are any. Typical Thai schools don't normally receive favourable reviews. Thank you.

    • Ian commented : i have checked the homework from several schools of kids learning English, it is obvious which have English English teachers and which have Thai English teachers.

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Counter Corruption Act B.E. 2542

    By Chris-TH, Created on: 19/06/2009, Last updated on: 01/07/2009

    » Well, it seems that the Section 100 (3) "ghost" has appeared again. Just a reminder: "(3) being a concessionaire or continuing to hold a concession from the State, State agency, State enterprise or local administration or being a party to a contract of a directly or indirectly monopolistic...

    • Ian commented : [quote="Chris-TH":1ya0mgcx]Well here we go again: [color=#4000BF:1ya0mgcx]Suthep might not run in by-election By: Published: 30/06/2009 at 12:27 PM Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said on Tuesday he might not stand for re-election in his home constituency in Surat Thani province if the Election Commission disqualifies him as an MP for holding shares in companies which have a concession from the state. Mr Suthep said he was getting older and there were many ways he could continue his political activities without having to contest a by-election. If he were disqualified he could continue to hold the position of deputy prime minister, which does not have to be filled by an elected MP. He had no plans to get out of politics.[/color:1ya0mgcx] So Suthep will continue as a Minister of he is disqualified as an MP??? Well, look at this subject and Section 100 (3) (not to mention 251) in the Act. A violation of the Anti Corruption Act causes removal from office and a possible jail sentence of up to 3 years!! Or did the scope of the Act change after it was sucessfully used in the Ratchada case? Where did the "Moral and Ethics" go???? Just asking!!!!!![/quote:1ya0mgcx] I find this strangely worded, "Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said on Tuesday he might not stand for re-election in his home constituency in Surat Thani province if the Election Commission disqualifies him". The implication is that if he wants to he can ignore an EC ruling.

    • Ian commented : So you are saying that under Thai law, ignorance is an acceptable defense?

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept

    By Suttisan, Created on: 28/05/2009, Last updated on: 02/10/2016

    » -- Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept The director general of the Land Department has reiterated that foreigners using Thai nominees to buy land anywhere in the country will have their land title deeds revoked if caught – even if the nominee in question is a lawfully wedded...

    • Ian commented : [quote="TexasSlim":1r43lyp9]So let's see if I got this right: Last trip down to Australia I sold up many things and brought the money back to Thailand. My plan is to use this money to pay for a house for my Thai wife and myself to live in later this year after we get legally married. As I am the one providing the money for the purchase of the house/property then we are breaking Thai law and if the authorities find out that I provided the money then they can confiscate the property deeds. Is this the situation?[/quote:1r43lyp9] So you give the money to the wife's parents as SinSod. They then give the money to your wife in order to buy a house. Basically any third party arrangement is a way to get around this rule.

    • Ian commented : [quote="Niceguy":z1fskc6b]I just learned, you can't say H, m, . . . (which means, \\ ////... I'm thinking about what i'm going to say...) Strange.. and funny.[/quote:z1fskc6b] Used to be one of my favorite expressions befor I joined the BP, try using Um

    • Ian commented : Propa, or shall I call you male goose? Do you prefer to be proper or to goose people? I have always maintained that the only safe approach is to keep the bulk of one's assets outside Thailand, that way if the excrement hits the fan the loss is minor. I have about a 10% investment in Thailand, it will never change unless the visa rules change.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    I am getting married

    By JensThai, Created on: 29/05/2009, Last updated on: 26/07/2009

    » I have been living in Thailand for more than 6 years and i am 38 years old. I read, write, speak and understand thai and Isan. I have checked my gf and she never been merried and have no children. She never worked in any kind of bar enviroment. I have a company where i have some land and 4 houses....

    • Ian commented : villager, the way you live your life is not a Farang laying down the rules to his wife and her family, it is simply a male chauvanist dealing with his woman. there are many males in England who are just the same with their wives, there are equally many wives who control their husbands, then again there are couples where each treats the other as equal partners.

    • Ian commented : villager, Propa, I have a simple philosophy, I will help those who I judge to be genuinely trying to help themselves, I refuse anyone seeking a free handout, whether they be a neighbour or a relative. As to how I treat people, male or female, I treat them as equals until they clearly demonstrate that they are not. My Thai companion I respect but dare not treat her as an equal , she has little understanding of money, domestic economics or management, so I handle such, but in other respects we are equals. We consult on gardening, food, furnishings, domestic layout etc.

    • Ian commented : [quote="villager":qtr2onlb]Ian , as far as money go,s I treat my present wife as I did my late one , she handle,s all the day to day money , ATM,s , Bill,s, shopping etc , and I trust her just the same as my late wife , this may seem foolhardy to some, however I just could not live with someone without trusting them , anyway I informed her right from the start the first time you shaft me will be the last, i,ve a great life here without a doubt , but many are not in the same frame of mind as I , then they suffer from their domineering wife,s and her parasitic family.[/quote:qtr2onlb] Yes, likewise mine goes to the ATMs etc, but she refuses to handle money. I originally wanted to give her a few thousand baht and top it up when see said it was getting low. But she prefers to come and ask me bit by bit, 20 Baht, 100 Baht whatever. I know she squirrels a bit away each week, which is funny, all she need do is ask, but I think she enjoys this she knows I know but we pretend I don't

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    Thai airports, trains, buses, public transport

    An interesting journey and revealing facts.

    By Ian, Created on: 05/06/2009, Last updated on: 05/06/2009

    » Yesterday I flew back to England, it gave me an interesting insight into the changes affecting Thailand and the world in general. I had been booked to fly back by Gulf Air but two day before my flight I received an urgent email from my booking agent, "contact the Gulf Bangkok office there has...

    • Ian commented : [quote="Sean Moran":1tatylnz]I flew out on Finnair last time I left Suvarnabhumi, and they were really generous with the excess luggage; 23.9 kg was okay with a 20.00 kg limit, but I only carry 3-4 kg cabin baggage. I always wear baggy trousers and a sports jacket on those days so I can fill up all my pockets with a few kg of junk. I only weigh 70 kg so there's plenty of room for more and I can sleep in a single seat. I find those smoking rooms really annoying. Don Muang used to have a nice outside bar where you could have a goodbye Thailand drink in style, like Harry's Bar at Changi but not so tropical. I wonderered why you were online so early this morning, and now I realise that it's because you are up late last night. It's just after midnight in London right now, right? <I have a copy of this too btw. >[/quote:1tatylnz] Well at the moment I am not really jet lagged, more time confused England is currently 6 hours ahead of Thailand, so for the next few months my post will probably appear in the small hours of the morning. Regarding smoking rooms, you don't really need to light up in order to get your nicotine ration.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Foreigner buying lands through a Thai company

    By charlie, Created on: 07/06/2009, Last updated on: 25/06/2009

    » [b:1ek82v4c]FACTS:[/b:1ek82v4c] Most foreigners legally married or not with Thai spouses, are buying small or large pieces of land in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui) by setting up Thai companies and are buying 2-3 rais of land in order to built several houses for rent or sale in order to have...

    • Ian commented : [quote="MTT":2uy40p7g]Dummy companies have been used in Thailand for years. Usually for VISA purposes. A company can buy land to do business and for company housing. appears changes are in process so what was before may not be tomorrow. One question I would have is if you can't own the land, but your company does and develops it, can you ever take the profits? Too complicated I think if you don't have the 'connections'. Easier to get a condo, so build a big 'condo' and live in it? They have you there too because you can't occupy more than 40% of the 'condo' building. The best advice I have been given over and over is, lease the land or buy it with someone you want to [u:2uy40p7g]give it to[/u:2uy40p7g]. Then you can build any house you want. But you cannot own the land. Leasing is very common in Bangkok. Most of the big buildings in Bangkok are sitting on leased land. A 99 year lease should be enough since Bangkok is supposed to be under water in 50 years anyway![/quote:2uy40p7g] Two points here, the maximum lease is 30 years with an option for another 30. The second point is setting up dummy companies is now full of problems, namely the company has to pay tax, if you claim no taxable income you will get investigated II'll let you guess what that means). So somehow you have to cook the books to show an income and pay tax on this. There are however many Thai lawyers and accountants who will sort this out for you. I think the better method is to buy into a small existing business after having a chat with the owner.

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    Buying property + home in Thailand : issues + guidelines

    Re: Farangs Barred From Buying Thai Land

    By pachangamac042, Created on: 27/05/2009, Last updated on: 22/12/2015

    » [quote="Papadragon":19d1c84s] [b:19d1c84s]Foreigners cannot use a Thai spouse as a nominee to buy property in Thailand, however. “If the Thai spouse has enough money to buy the house that is fine, but if the Thai has no money and uses money given to him or her by a foreigner to acquire...

    • Ian commented : Seems to me that if I freely make a cash gift to my GF that money becomes her's to do with as she will. At best it may be taxable (under English law it is taxable if I die inside of 7 years from making the gift). If she then decides to buy a house and invites me to live in it with her, that is absolutely no concern of the government.

    • Ian commented : [quote="Papadragon":ed6x4typ][quote="Sean Moran":ed6x4typ]Not about the article but more about what you just said, which reminded me of something that it might have been you said long ago in another thread. Essentially, you're saying that if I ever get back to complete the job that I was asked to do in 2005, and if it might still take a few more years, and happen to finally reunite with my ex-girlfriend again, (who asked me to marry her, which I declined nicely), and if we ever do officially shack up together, (and she was born on Sukh. Soi 3 and her Dad was an engine driver for the railway before the Vietnam War and I think you'df agree that she'd qualify as a REAL Thai), but the family farm will be forfeited to the gov if I ever say YES to her proposals? We already proved once before that this is a load of tripe.[/quote:ed6x4typ] [b:ed6x4typ]Land Department Director Anuwat Meteewiboonwut made the comments during a recent stop in Phuket as part of a nationwide inspection tour of 30 provinces.[/b:ed6x4typ] Go tell him he's talking a load of tripe [/quote:ed6x4typ] Perhaps he's been taking lessons from Abhasit

    • Ian commented : [quote="alex1":222plhdu] It appears that matter might have another reason too. If You married with a Thai girl, You bought the house on her name, as a farang cannot own land, but if she dies before you, you might get all what she ownd including the house. As You cannot own the land, you have to sell it, but how you can sell somthing, you don' t own? At least the Government need to sell it and might fear, you' ll claim the price. But if they conclude on the fact that house was bought with your money, you'll get nothig [/quote:222plhdu] Under present law, if you have reciprocal wills you can inherit house and land legally for one year, during that time you have to sell it to a Thai. As barring accidents she will outlive you the situation does not arise.

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