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    Taxis at airport

    By Anonymous, Created on: 03/10/2006, Last updated on: 20/03/2010

    ยป I/ am a frequent business/holiday traveller all over the world. In the 30 years that I have flown everywhere, I have yet to land in an airport where I could not board a taxi straight after customs clearance and straight to my hotel.Well, the impossible has happened here at the brand-new state-of...

    • Chuck in BKK commented : Mike Chan, Next time you come into BKK airport, just take the escalator up to the arrival floor and catch a taxi as it is dropping off passengers. No wait, no lines, just your are out of there and the taxi driver is happy to get a fare with out having to go to the parking lot.

    • Chuck in BKK commented : Mike Chan, Departure level is the correct floor.

    • Chuck in BKK commented : My friend from the U.S. just arrived the 17th and paid 400b to come to my house which only costs 140b normally. The taxi drivers have a liscense to steal. Perhaps Abhisit should hire a taxi at the airport.

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