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    Foreigner buying lands through a Thai company

    By charlie, Created on: 07/06/2009, Last updated on: 25/06/2009

    ยป [b:1ek82v4c]FACTS:[/b:1ek82v4c] Most foreigners legally married or not with Thai spouses, are buying small or large pieces of land in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui) by setting up Thai companies and are buying 2-3 rais of land in order to built several houses for rent or sale in order to have...

    • BlueSKy commented : Hi Everybody I'm quite new here but my 2 cents are: 1. Thai citizens can buy properties in Europe, 2. Thai citizens can buy business (even Football Clubs...) in Europe, 3a. When Thai citizens are married with EU nationals, they get, without discussion, permanent residency permits, 3b. In order to get it, no need to put money into a EU Bank account, 4a. After 4 years of marriage, Thai citizens married with EU nationals get the relevant EU citizenship, 4b. In order to get this EU citizenship, no need to have 5-10 (?) years of permanent residency, no need to sing songs before officials, no need to give money to "Charities" and you won't wait 2-3 (even more) years to get it. and that's great. Now, why EU citizens in Thailand don't get the same rights? Would be great to get some official comments on that All the very best B.S.

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