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    Thai news stories

    CP Group in the spot light

    By thompson, Created on: 16/06/2014, Last updated on: 16/06/2014

    » Close net on slave trade “In the wake of the May 22 coup, the international community has once again cast grim looks at Thailand following a damning report in The Guardian newspaper on the use of slave labour in our fishing industry. Under fire is Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CPF), Thailand’s...

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Copy of Marriage Cert

    By gtwhite, Created on: 08/02/2014, Last updated on: 16/06/2014

    » hi, can anyone give me any advice please on obtaining a copy of a marriage certificate. I was married on 21 November 2002 at the Phra Nakhon District office. I have been given a marriage certificate number by my wife but I have no idea how to go about the process now. Any info would be greatly appreciated...

    • p.corso commented : hi,gtwhite Did you contact the district for the copy ?

    • johncat1 commented : Contact the Amphur office where the marriage is registered. If you have a problem there are always Agency people around who will assist you for a small fee. But I think you will find you have to go there personally, with your wife if possible. It is not something that can be dealt with by telephone, post or online.

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    Thai politics

    Could Thailand ever come out from political nightmare?

    By Voice, Created on: 03/12/2013, Last updated on: 16/06/2014

    » Protest maybe people power but could this people power really change anything for the better..! Today we see people around the world stand up to government. Some have success some still on-going most importantly civil disobedience is raising. Thailand itself has hold its own record of civil upraises...

    • GinBoy2 commented : The problem is, when people rise up in a popular revolt against their government, it's because the government is not a democratically elected one, pick any of the arab spring uprising's as one of them. The trouble with this Thai 'uprising', its a sub section of the population who just don't like the result democracy has dealt them. Like it or not, Pheu Thai (or the various incarnations previously outlawed) have won every election since 2001 and the protesters dont seem to 'get' the fact that to change that you have to appeal to the whole electorate. Stamping your feet, occupying buildings and installing whatever this peoples government is, not elected by anyone, solves nothing. LEARN how to win elections is my advise

    • len commented : No, Voice. Thailand will never come out from political nightmare?

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