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    How do we fight corruption?

    By chopinfan, Created on: 19/12/2013, Last updated on: 06/02/2014

    ยป I ran into a very interesting article about how Singapore fought corruption successfully. Surely many will have different opinions t but perhaps we can learn and adapt it for Thailand if people are willing to make this happen quickly.

    • soltair commented : "general Thainess of avoiding conflict and saving face." is costing this country Billions all the time.

    • MrUSA commented : I believe corruption can never be fought until we significantly lower the level of poverty in a given country. The rich and leaders want to keep the money to themselves as there are too many poor people. This is then the start of corruption. Government workers will take bribe because they don't make enough money anyway. The system now works in Singapore because poverty is much lower. For instance, if there are no other better way of making money, then selling drug is the much easy choice of earning. The people need more choices of making money. Being a leader we have to lead the people for the better and build a legacy for ourselve for many generation to come. Corruption puts a stain on our legacy. Would you want to be the next premier to UNITED Thailand and be remembered for generations to come??? Wow...who wouldn't want that?

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