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    ENY First Trading Day

    By prnews, Created on: 20/03/2013, Last updated on: 20/03/2013

    » [attachment=0:xt0ofg3f]KTAM.jpg[/attachment:xt0ofg3f] Mr. Somchai Boonnamsiri, Chief Executive Officer of Krung Thai Asset Management PCL. (KTAM), Mr. Jarumporn Chotikasathien, President of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), and Ms. Naruemol Art-amnuayvipas, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Plus...

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    Is it acceptable for rich people to use public buses?

    By r1111, Created on: 10/02/2013, Last updated on: 20/03/2013

    » Hello, Is it acceptable of people from all classes to ride public buses in Thailand. For some reason I am getting the idea that in Bangkok if you are not poor you should not be riding a public bus even tough buses are an environmentally friendly way of getting around compared to private cars. Please...

    • Forensics1 commented : By their picture in the society page I guess. Maybe the Rolex or the big diamond ring? How does your question answer the original question would be my question. I do not have an answer but you might be of assistance to someone. Try it, you might like it.

    • PaulR commented : I will point this out from 19 years-old Thai-American perspective. My grandma always told me that the rich were more likely not to take public transportation. This is because of "chun rui chui mai son jai kon jon." Which means, "Because I am rich I don't need to lay myself down to look from same perspective or share a seat with low class people." (Apologize for my words but it's true.) Ego, arrogant, etc..... are some elements that add up to. This problem also exists in United States. However, in a realistic world there should be no barrier between the rich and the poor. Any other opinion would be greatly appreciated because different families might look at this situation from other view. Love and Peace are still the best way to solve a conflict.

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