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    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/08/2007, Last updated on: 19/05/2012

    ยป Economy is to exchange currency or things depend on the agreement of conditions. Economy growth will depend on its factor. In my opinion, trend of economy in Thailand in the last half year may to expand. I have three reasons for supporting my idea. First, businessmen have more trust for investing...

    • 4amExpat commented : Three points to suggest economy will slow. 1. Global credit crunch has destroyed the appetite for bank lending and risky investing. Most of the Western banking system has seen the effects of this, there is not reason to suspect Thailand won't as well. 2. The condo boom and auto sales in Thailand have happened for the same reason they boomed in the West: Ease of credit. As it becomes less easy, less cars, condos and product will be sold. 3. Taksin was good for the economy, where as the political uncertainty of the coming administration may not be.

    • Rooster2012 commented : The prices of goods are still high even the price of oil has decreased due global decreases in demand. The prices of goods are artificially high comparing to the price of oil. So we can not simply reciprocate between the prices of goods to the actual costs. It is simply economic monopoly and political influences by people who are controlling businesses including financial sectors. The real capitalism and enterpreneurship do not exist in Thailand including true governmental regulations. It is a common Thai phase of "those who brought don't sell, and those who sell didn't buy." One good example of this corrupt system is the Thai lotto where the retail value of each lotto ticket does not reflex the value printed on the lotto ticket. The lotto sellers did not purchase these lotto tickets directly from the government lotto office, but they are buying them from those who have lotto quota from the lotto office. There are resistances from various urbanites who controlled these monopoly systems operated by civil servants and government bureaucrats, or a Thai word called "Maha-nachan" or great eaters/consumers who received special treatments from government insiders. Any persons like Thai-expat and foreign investors who knew about these monopolitic and corruptive systems in Thailand, they will hesistate to invest in Thailand with the current political situations. The political crimate now is not suitable to real business and long term investments. The good-old-boys and families who are controlling the shares with big multinational companies will still have their meals, but any real new SME will get ahead without having the "mahanachan" and connections with these good-old-boy networks. How can Thailand gain confidence of Thai-expat and foreign investors back? Simple, Thailand will have to show the world that the real democratic processes exist and that the rules and regulations are modern and fair including open and transparent. What have been parading around since the 2006 coup de'tat until now...are simply mirage of lies and deceits under the cover of democracy and etc.. The grassroot people are the most to experience the suffering and hardship while the hi-so urbanites and their allies continue to ride the economic waves like their like-minders in Burma, Iran, PRC, and elsewheres.

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