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    Naked ownership and usufruct

    By Silaworld, Created on: 16/08/2010, Last updated on: 09/10/2010

    ยป My Thai wife and myself both own some properties on our own names in Thailand. Now we would like to purchase another property with naked ownership on my wife's name and usufruct on my name. Is this possible under Thai law and is it enough to communicate this to registration office on the day of registration?...

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="RogerRamjet":9k7luv4t]Yes. On the day of registration ask for a Blue and Yellow book. The Blue book will have your wife's name in it, the Yellow book will have your name in it, showing that you have an interest in the said house/property. If you already own properties in Thailand you would have known that already. Or are you just referring to copies of the chanote? There are two different entities here, the district office and the land department.[/quote:9k7luv4t] I do have properties in Thailand on my name only. For one of them I have a yellow book (from the district office) because this makes it easy to buy car, motorbike aso... I do not know the meaning of "CHANOTE". I really do not want to offend you... but... I am not sure you fully understand the difference between "naked ownership" and "usufruct". If you do, please accept my appologies.

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="RogerRamjet":110yge8w]silaworld, I do understand usufruct and naked ownership, which applies only in Louisiana, USA as far as I know. You are walking into an area of totally complex law, that is why I asked about the chanote title. Chanote is full title to the land, which you can never own if you are not Thai, that your wife can, if she has the money or income...etc etc etc. If you have properties (land) in your name only, then you are Thai and you don't need my help, so go to the district office or land department where they can inform you of the many Sor Kor, Sor Por etc etc titles and how and what you can do with the land.[/quote:110yge8w] RogerRamjet, I do not know about this item in USA. In Europe however, it's common practice and certainly in my country, which is Belgium by the way... No I am not Thai but my wife is. And yes, I own a house and an appartment; the house however is part of a condominium and that's why I could buy it on my name only. So, I presume my question is still unanswered?! Of course I could ask for information with one or other Thai lawfirm; but except for taking my money I fear they will tell me nonsense or plain lies.

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