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    Bangkok cabs rank 5th in world!

    By terry, Created on: 09/08/2010, Last updated on: 19/08/2010

    » Well toot my horn!! Bangkok taxis rank among the top five in the world according to an annual taxi poll? Bangkok scored 14% in votes on several categories by travellers, ranking fifth in the survey conducted by travel website The website scored city-based taxis on their levels of cleanliness,...

    • modsquad commented : From a reader: ‘I agree, some Bangkok cabs are rank. You have a 1-in-20 chance of getting a taxi here that is clean, the driver knows where he is going and the drive there does not give you whiplash from the brake-accelerator pedal manoeuvre that the driver constantly practises at your expense. There are good taxi drivers here in the City of Angels. You will find them after you screen out the ones that do not know where they are going, are talking on the phone and ignore your pleas to slow down, are listening to Radio Isan at maximum volume, are under the influence of a mind altering substance, are practising for a career as a Grand Prix driver or are just lost in space. Those remaining are like a cool breeze on a hot day - enjoy it while the ride lasts. After talking with my friends, we placed Bangkok's taxis below London and Singapore and above those in Dubai and Riyadh.’

    • krystalchua commented : Beware of Violent taxi Driver in Bangkok - Pink Taxi I had a very bad experience with a taxi driver in Bangkok. We came from Siam Paragon and was having a hard time finding a taxi that would use the meter, so we agreed to the flat rate of 150 baht that the driver charged us with. The taxi driver was irritable from the heavy traffic, and was driving very fast when he got the chance. Upon arriving at our hotel, he did not see the first door (probably because of his speed) where the hotel lobby was. Instead, he went straight ahead to the next wing where there was no bridge to the main lobby. My brother who was sitting beside him called his attention (nicely) and told him that we were supposed to get off at the first door. It was roughly only 20 to 30 steps away from where he stopped, and he was also going to pass it on his way out of the hotel premises. It was raining so we thought we would just get off at the lobby for us not to get wet. He angrily shouted "200 baht! 200 baht!" and stepped on the gas so hard to make a U turn. Startled with his outburst, I sternly told the driver that we would just get off right there, and that he should not treat tourists so rudely. My brother, after being shouted at, slammed the car door as he got off. The taxi driver did not stop there. He too, got off the car, and opened the trunk. He took his tire wrench and was supposed to attack my brother with it! The hotel guards stopped him just in time and asked him to leave. While driving out the hotel premises, he left a threat to us that he will be watching us and waiting for us outside. I was able to get the taxi's plate number from the guard. It is a hot pink taxi and the plate numbers looks something like "NS4521" (the NS was written with curves? I attached it a copy of the paper that the guard gave me with this email). During our stay in Bangkok, and we rode taxis around four times. The first time was from the airport where we were charged 500 bhat. We had no problem with that since the driver just went about his business and was professional. It was a blue taxi. The second, third, and fourth time were all pink taxis, wherein not once had it been a good experience for us. For the second taxi that we rode, the driver told us that the mall we wanted to go to had closed early, and that it would be better to just have dinner somewhere near the night markets. He then suggested a "cheap and good" seafood restaurant, so we agreed. When we arrived, we noticed that the prices were ridiculously high, and later on, upon reading the same stories on the web, realized that we were scammed. The same thing was offered to us by the next taxi driver (also of a pink taxi). Since we already knew better, we declined his offer and just made up an excuse. Now, the last taxi that we rode had the rudest and meanest taxi driver that I had ever encountered in my entire life! These 3 encounters all from pink taxis had made me wonder if this is a common practice among them. I really lost all the excitement I had for Thailand after the incident. Shouldn't they be doing something about these taxi drivers if they really want to promote tourism in their country? I believe my Bangkok stay has by far been the worst vacation I have ever had. I have never been scammed and treated so rudely so many times in a row! My vacation has turned out to be very frustrating, disappointing, and infuriating, If you have friends or relatives who are going to Bangkok, please warn them about this particular taxi driver. Also, please ask them to read about the different scams that some locals trick the clueless tourists into. Please pass this email to your friends and family. It is best to be prepared and aware, so as to avoid these kinds of experiences. Thailand sure has plenty of things to offer, but if this comes with visiting their country, I think I would rather not return unless needed, and would not recommend friends and family to visit too.

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    MS group-established since 1984

    By prnews, Created on: 19/08/2010, Last updated on: 19/08/2010

    » • MS group-established since 1984. More than 25 years MS group is accepted to be an expert in distributor, Import / Export all package product in both food and non food as well other high quality product. We are aiming to service in excellence to satisfy our customer, consumer and product at optimum...

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    Rude immigration staff

    By ChiefSealth, Created on: 27/04/2009, Last updated on: 19/08/2010

    » Is it just me or have you also notice how rude and disgruntled the Thai immigration staff seems to be at BKK? I thought it was just a fluke my first visit but now I've experienced very unfriendly and rude staff multiple times entering and exiting Thailand. And before anyone asks all of my forms and...

    • Domrei commented : [color=#BF0000:2db583r8]Why are you complaining???? Others less fortunate than you were pushed back into the sea, or landmine-infested border areas and shot, raped or killed by the soldiers from the Land of Smile! For decades these people from neighbouring Burma, Cambodia, and Vietnam have suffered untold injustices. Please stop complaining.[/color:2db583r8]

    • Victor commented : Rude immigration officials can be found anywhere because they don't have good manner and mistook their duties...same as those visa staff of most countries. I once was searched and treated badly at the Athen airport when they couldn't find anything in my luggage (almost miss the flight), and before they let me go, asked if I have any US dollar with me.

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