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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    I am getting married

    By JensThai, Created on: 29/05/2009, Last updated on: 26/07/2009

    ยป I have been living in Thailand for more than 6 years and i am 38 years old. I read, write, speak and understand thai and Isan. I have checked my gf and she never been merried and have no children. She never worked in any kind of bar enviroment. I have a company where i have some land and 4 houses....

    • sulasno commented : Congrats 50000 baht and 5 baht gold seems reasonable for sin sot .............................

    • Sean Moran commented : [quote="propaganda":32ibuzpa][quote="JensThai":32ibuzpa]I have been living in Thailand for more than 6 years and i am 38 years old.......... When i am getting married i have to pay 50,000 baht and 5 baht gold. My thai friends says that is normal price to pay in sin sod. So now i am in a situation many farangs have faced. I can not see any danger in getting married.... WHAT AM I MISSING?????[/quote:32ibuzpa] Quite A Lot My Thai wife says you're getting a wife too cheap - there's got to be a catch. My advice is Wait till the baht crashes and the exchange rate is better and then wait again till you're about 58. [/quote:32ibuzpa] Don't tell me! Then after the marriage catch the train to Malaysia, right Papa? People have been getting married since long before money was invented so don't get caught up in the fundamentals. Just open a Swiss bank account and don't let anyone know how rich you really are and everything should turn out hunky-dory. My birthday on the 28th too, two days before the wedding. If I get a new toaster for Christmas or birthday I'll send you another wedding present

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