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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns


    By somjai, Created on: 01/01/2009, Last updated on: 16/06/2009

    » I am here to share my personal experience. And I’m not here to offend anyone. Hopefully I can open your mind to reality to treat Asian women with respect. In 1986, I was a young beautiful naïve Thai girl, 20, who held onto the Asian tradition. For this reason I stayed in a miserable marriage....

    • stilljustbrowsing commented : A "marriage" considered as a "contract" or a "partnership" is doomed to failure. Whatever happened to LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! For sure it has to be a two way thing, or again it will fail!

    • LuangLee commented : SaWatDee Somjai,,,, I have been reading posts from numerous forums concerning Thailand for quite a while but your post made me actually join this forum because I just had to reply to you. First, I want to express my extreme sadness and sorrow to you about how you were treated. I'm really sorry. But, as you wrote in your post, you are intelligent and have common sense to understand that all people are different. Some farang are bad husbands and some Thais are bad wives. My wife is Thai and we have been married for 38 years and we have seen many farang/Thai marriages. And they have been both types,, the husband is no good or the wife is no good, and yes some, thank God, where both are decent people and are still married. And unfortunately, some where the farang husband or the Thai wife have died and left the other with a hole in their heart forever. That is life. Your fate in this life was to have a terrible experience but to come out the other side with a stronger personality and more street smarts, but some emotional damage. I admire you very much for your spirit and what you have accomplished. Please consider what I say next very seriously. Don't give up on love and marriage. You are smart and still young enough to have a wonderful married life. Make the most of your life and experience what it has to offer. Like some people say,,,"when you hear the music start,,,,, get up and DANCE!" Best of luck to you in your future! Chok Dee Pi Mai!

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