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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Do You Support Your Thai In-Laws?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/03/2006, Last updated on: 14/02/2007

    ยป In Thailand, children take care of their parents. They kind of pay back the debt that they contracted just by being born and educated by their parents. And contrary to "popular" belief, it is valid whether you are rich or poor (but of course far more meaningful if the parents are poor...)....

    • Anonymous commented : I think the Thai parents usent their daughter to get money from you but not for their needs but for show off... I got 5 examples to talk about with proofs I just think that it must be up to the farang if he want to support the family in his good will not to be imposed by the family... By acting like that the fathers of Thai bride are just pimp selling their own kids...It will be better for the father of the bride to explain the needs of the family and let the husband to choose the priorities in helping the family and not be impose a stupid gold chain for thr father to wear as show of...

    • Anonymous commented : Yes. This is a beautiful and effective Thai family custom. It also helps keep family unity. The common working Thais do not have monthly pension from government, companies, or investment dividend. It is up to their children to provide whatever they could to help assist their parents. For the poor parents, it is much better if they are living with their children's families since these parents could help raising their grandchildren. My parents are retired and receiving monthly social security payment from US government. It is enough for them while they are retiring in Thailand. But it is still up to us to check on their wellbeings and finances. I have never asked my wives in regard to their money gifts to their parents. They even gave money to my parents when we visit them. Most western men will prohibit their Thai wives from giving money monthly to their parents in Thailand. Many of these women and their children barely ever visit their families in Thailand. There are few exceptional cases where their foreign husbands would allow their Thai wives to send money and make occasional visits back homes. In some cases, it is understandable since it is very expensive for all family members to visit Thailand for extend period of time. If foreigners want to marry Thai women, they will have to accept Thai customs and their wives' families too.

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