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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Immigration Rules For Thai/Foreign Couples

    By lupacexi, Created on: 23/11/2017, Last updated on: 23/11/2017

    » There was an interesting discussion on Thaivisa about the immigration rules for people who are married to a Thai national. Apparently it makes a lot of a difference if you are a man married to a Thai woman or if you are a woman married to a Thai man.(edit wife to man) A foreign man would have to show...

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Face more important than reality

    By Jorgen, Created on: 17/02/2016, Last updated on: 20/02/2016

    » One evening one of the teacher assistants from our boy’s school showed up at our place and asked to speak to us. She asked if we could give her 20,000! We said no and she left. Obviously we were rather concerned about sending the boy’s back to school, wondering whether this teacher might take...

    • thailife69 commented : When you live in a country of criminals, where respect for others is measured by how much you can pay, truth has little place in a society built on greed! It's infected all areas of Thai society. Where does this culture of greed emanate from? The Thai Military of course!

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    What do Thai people think of Aussies.

    By Bernie22, Created on: 05/10/2015, Last updated on: 08/10/2015

    » Hi Bangkok Post readers, I recently spent 3 weeks in Phuket (yes - one of the many Aussie dental tourists that come to Thailand). Like many farangs I fell in love with Thailand very quickly. I loved the people, the beaches and the culture. My own personal spiritual beliefs and practices are entirely...

    • modsquad commented : Ms Nong would certainly be on the front lines when it comes to foreigner perceptions. Generally, tourists from their prospective country don’t necessarily have a bad reputation here. Yes, Thais can be racist, just like any other citizens from other nations and sure there are bad foreigners that visit here, but most Thais probably don’t know exactly what specific country, tourists, they encounter, come from. Thais don’t necessarily single out foreigners from different regions, countries. Perhaps some other readers don’t agree with this. In general, if you’re friendly, Thais are friendly. Doesn’t really matter where you’re from mate!!

    • Bernie22 commented : Thank you for those comments modsquad, nearly all of the Thai people I met during my stay in Phuket were very friendly. I came to Thailand with an attitude of respecting the locals as I am after all a guest in their country. From your answer you indicate that Thais generally don't judge folks on the basis of there country of origin/beliefs or race. They generally judge you on who you are. I think that this is probably true of most folks in the world. Of course there are racists and bigots in every country (and Australia is no exception). Your words have comforted me. On the last day in Phuket the bar staff tagged me as a 'good man'. I took this as a great compliment and a refection of the genuinely warm feelings that I had toward them. Best Bernie

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Pay for shopping bag

    By len, Created on: 11/06/2015, Last updated on: 23/06/2015

    » Mate of mine said Thai shops would start charging its customers for shopping bags. I told him he was nuts as it would just: 1. Make it seems as though the shop owners are greedy for more baht. 2. Create other people selling the bags on the street round the malls. The govt should introduce the...

    • modsquad commented : Plastic bag madness Lately there have been many letters lamenting the excessive overuse of plastic bags in Thailand. Yet I have not seen one letter with someone doing anything about it. Me and... Yet I have not seen one letter with someone doing anything about it. Me and my wife forbid and repudiate and even berate the zealous bag givers. Especially in the supermarkets. In several of the local 7/11s they know me now and as soon as I walk in, the assistants shout in unison “Lok Rawn” and point to the sky, as I always do. No more plastic bags, I have my own bag. I conservatively, yes double meaning too, estimate that my wife and I collectively save the environment from at least 40 plastic bags a week. A quarter of them the large ones. Multiply that by each person... Stop moaning and do something about it! Stop using the wretched things. Action speaks louder than words! Isan Proofreader ______________________________________________________________________________________ Anywhere in the world plastic bags for any purchase must have an opening at the bootom, for reasons such as suffocating playing kids My daughter when she was very young played with her even younger brother with a plasic bag, I just rescued her and she almost suffocted because of the lack of a hole at the bottom. I lectured both of them about the danger involved. Post by kraxlhuber Reprinted from Post Bag

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Ban Rod the Mod?

    By bobbyd, Created on: 18/06/2015, Last updated on: 18/06/2015

    » What about Mr Stewart? (is he a "Sir" yet?) “I fell in love with a slit eyed lady, by the light of an eastern moon”! Lyric to ‘Every picture tells a story’. Leicester City sack 3 for Bangkok racism Leicester tries apology for Bangkok racism

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Thailand today( what a mess )

    By BlackRider, Created on: 22/06/2015, Last updated on: 22/06/2015

    » hi, i am new on Bangkokpost, i would like in the topic, let everybody share the good changes and the bad changes of Thailand Nowadays. Personnaly as a Half Thai-French, i don't like to see my country falling in pieces. Nowadays i think the most importants problems are corruption, street fightings,...

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    House burgled

    By betzse, Created on: 06/04/2015, Last updated on: 07/04/2015

    » On Saturday the 21st of March, my wife received a call that her Mother who lives in Ban Thaen, Chaiyaphum was quite sick and that June needed to get home as soon as possible. She left the house that afternoon and drove 80 kilometers to Ban Thaen. The following morning she took her mother to the hospital...

    • faranginkorat commented : Glad to see the headline changed, as I see nothing in the story to indicate corruption amongst the police. Maybe some lack of competence and/or motivation, but not corruption. First, a "safe" is not something that a thief picks-up and runs away with, and it is also not something that is opened in a short time with a few simple hand tools. You had a lock-box, not a safe. Putting that much value in a lock-box that can be carried away was clearly a mistake. Secondly, I would ask how many people and who knew that both you and your wife would be away that day?????????? I would not be surprised if it was either taken by a family member, or taken based on information provided by a family member. Good luck with it.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Motorcycle ban for kids?

    By terryt, Created on: 20/03/2015, Last updated on: 24/03/2015

    » I think not. Reason, motorcycles transportation is relatively cheap in a country where passenger vehicle prices are extravagantly high. The reality is there is just no other efficient, fairly inexpensive mode of transport for families, regardless of the danger involved. Would be great to see...

    • IainM commented : Getting people to wear the helmets is the problem not just the supply of them. How many times have you seen Thais on their motorcycles with no helmet on their heads but one in the basket in front. No point in supplying until they wear.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Brit didn’t run away

    By Jorgen, Created on: 16/01/2015, Last updated on: 16/01/2015

    » A 47-year-old man died after being hit by a car allegedly driven by a former British doctor in Chon Buri province’s Sattahip district early Friday. The body of Dul Sibpao, 47, was found dead on Sukhumvit... Mr Mclaren, a former doctor, told police that he was driving his car from Pattaya to his...

    • thompson commented : The cops and relatives will probably try to extort a large sum of money from the Mr Edwards too. Happened to me on Ramindra Road in Bangkok a few years ago. Was leaving my narrow soi, when a drunk motorcycle taxi coming the other way clipped my car mirror and fell off his bike. Scratched up a bit but otherwise ok, I stopped like a fool. Well people came out of the word-work and the next thing you know I’m down at the police station and they’re attempting to extort 10,000 baht from me. You see in Thailand it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is in these situations, it’s always the bigger vehicle that takes the blame regardless of who initiated contact. After hours of BS at the cop shop I walked out of there paying 5000 baht. Motorcycle taxi’s breath reeked of alcohol.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Tourist no-no

    By bobbyd, Created on: 06/01/2015, Last updated on: 08/01/2015

    » [img:3dlua8z0][/img:3dlua8z0] Tourist need to know that temples are considered sacred. Yoga or no yoga, this would be considered offensive to Thais.

    • amrit commented : This is not even yoga but just some sort of acrobatics. From people who crave attention.

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