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    Children's special

    Life, Published on 11/01/2012

    » To celebrate Children's Day, Fun-arium, the largest indoor playground in Bangkok, is hosting "Super Kids", a fair featuring many amusing and educational games and activities on Saturday and Sun, Jan 15 from 8:30am-8:30pm.

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    Often imitated, Frequently duplicated

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 15/01/2012

    » It's been a hectic few weeks for your columnist as he entertains visiting family members and tries to work.

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    Roaring Success in 2012?

    Life, Published on 02/01/2012

    » Mohdu Paisarn's horoscope is based on Thai sidereal astrology, so your sign may be different from in the Western astrological system.

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    Enduring face-saver

    Muse, Published on 04/02/2012

    » [WHAT] Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - 30 years of innovation.

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    Book Recovery Gains Steam

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 10/01/2012

    » As they stepped inside the residence of famed writer Suchart Sawatsri, a group of visitors were taken aback by the damp, murky smell that shrouded the place. The prominent muddy stain on the walls suggested the place had been inundated for weeks.

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    Privileged to do business

    Life, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 06/02/2012

    » Thailand Tatler recently honoured Daranee Charoen-Rajapark as the woman who has made a significant difference for Thai business and society in the field of marketing. Receiving the prestigious award encouragingly starts off her 30th year in market research.

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    Hua Hin Hotelier

    Guru, Pimchanok Phungbun Na Ayudhya, Published on 06/01/2012


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    Dishes the march of time passed by

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 15/01/2012

    » There are different schools of thought on how we should treat our culinary tradition. Some believe that it should be carefully preserved and shielded from change, while others maintain that our cuisine should evolve in step with the times. In line with this second viewpoint, it is true that many of the dishes that are familiar now have changed greatly over time.

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    Life in the grand palace

    Life, Published on 03/01/2012

    » A dazzle of gold and a blaze of colours _ that's your first impression of the Grand Palace as you come down the avenue of ugly dull buildings. It is a splendid mass of pagodas, towers, halls and chapels with triple roofs ending in flourishes of serpents' tails. The temple bells glint from the eaves below roofs covered with blue and orange, green and yellow tiles. The buildings look like blown up toys. The black spires seem remote and unreal as fairy tales and dreams. High white walls surround the city for it is indeed a little city of its own.

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    Doubling their pleasure online

    B Magazine, Published on 29/01/2012

    » If they had known they would one day become online sensations, twin sisters Janice and Sonia Lee might have combed their hair before recording their first YouTube video in their bedroom. But then again, probably not. And it's that natural charm that has captured the hearts of viewers the world over.

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