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    Prayut targets critics at home

    News, Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Published on 11/02/2015

    » Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha is confident and believes in himself. He does not mince words. On the final leg of his visit to Japan while riding the high-speed Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, he speaks about his role as prime minister, what makes him angry and the future of reform and reconciliation. Below are excepts of the exclusive interview.


    Slow growth is a small price for reform

    News, Sutapa Amornvivat, Published on 18/02/2015

    » The Thai economy has gained little traction in recent months. Despite the restoration of confidence and the clearing of many legislative bottlenecks since the middle of last year, GDP growth still came in at just 0.7% in 2014. Nor have we seen any big return of momentum in domestic consumption or investment. Even during the recent New Year festivities, consumer spending was weak, despite the long holiday period. There isn't much to celebrate on the economic front.


    Axe land tax, Prayut

    News, Published on 11/03/2015

    » I urge the prime minister to reconsider the controversial land and buildings tax that the Ministry of Finance will submit to the cabinet for approval.


    Lottery farce continues to be PM's Achilles' heel 

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 16/03/2015

    » Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was surely joking on Friday when he said during his weekly "Return Happiness to the People" monologue that he would scrap the lottery altogether if it becomes too messy.


    Sommai hung out to dry in land tax chaos

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 17/03/2015

    » The government's abrupt about-turn on the land and buildings tax has caused damage. Most prominent, is the perception the government put one of its own soldiers in the line of fire, and abandoned him.


    What price hope in the government's lottery reforms?

    News, Published on 18/03/2015

    » News that the cabinet has approved an amendment to the Government Lottery Office Act of 1974 attracted the attention of two major groups: 1) the millions of low-income participants who are hit hard by the problems of overpriced government lottery tickets, and 2) the major lottery operators who form a de facto syndicate.


    Too many lax laws

    News, Published on 18/03/2015

    » If Somsak Pola in his March 17 letter, “The great pretender”, finds a “beware of children” sign amusing, how about “To the tarain” (to the train station) — a signpost on a Prachin Buri traffic circle. Tourists stop to be photographed by it all the time. Old Crutch wrote a column or two about silly signs in Thailand a few years ago.


    Going mad in March, with fear of tragedy

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 21/03/2015

    » The March heat is driving people crazy. Each week, news headlines just get weirder, as if we were madmen who subscribe to the newsletter of our madhouse. Don’t tell me you never experience that moment when a headline is so absurd, so improbable that you believe − I mean, really believe for many seconds or minutes — that you’re reading one of those satirical publications or websites that peddles mockery and exaggeration. Only it’s not. It’s real. And if madness is defined by the inability to distinguish between what’s real and what’s fantastical, we’re all going down that path, led by the smiling Pied Piper in uniform.



    Guru, Sumati Sivasiamphai, Published on 03/04/2015

    » How is Thai Airways attempting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its operations?


    Xiaomi sale nets B11bn

    Life, James Hein, Published on 22/04/2015

    » In a recent Asian sale the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi sold more than 2 million phones and a range of other electronic devices including over 200,000 MI Bands (like a FitBit). Leveraging off new deals in India they did all of this and more in a 12 hour period. Xiaomi was also smart enough to apply localisation features and add software relevant to the local markets to their phones, something others have often failed to do well. The total received for the sale over the period was around 11 billion baht across India, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

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