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    Potash price surge could mean dearer food for billions

    Business, Published on 04/07/2016

    » We are on the precipice of a food fight among 7 billion people. This is why potash is so important: it's the fundamental element that everyone takes for granted, even though a projected 7.7 billion lives will depend upon it by 2020.

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    Local initiatives help to mitigate drought 

    News, Prangthong Jitcharoenkul, Published on 28/03/2016

    » Buri Ram: Water in communities across the nation will never run dry as long as residents rely on their abilities to manage water resources, Saman Lothong, a member of the Ban Limthong Water Management Network Committee says.


    Risk and growth, but not as we know them

    Business, Published on 18/08/2015

    » Each year, PwC's Global CEO Survey uncovers the risks that are keeping most business leaders up at night. But the story this year is not what chief executives said about risk, it's what they said about growth and risk together.


    Into the forest

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 07/10/2015

    » It is hard to believe Sahwing Indharangsri when he says his village and the forest around it was once inhabited by wild animals.


    Inside lives of refugees

    Life, Yvonne Bohwongprasert, Published on 15/06/2016

    » The life of a refugee is strewn with hardships of epic proportions which few of us can wrap our minds around. One of the few opportunities outsiders get to comprehend the magnitude of their suffering, so as to emphasize with them and lend a helping hand, is through documentaries and movies which depict their life stories.


    Liberalise lease laws

    News, Postbag, Published on 29/01/2016

    » An argument often heard in Thailand is that to extend leases or grant ownership rights to foreigners would betray sensitivity to the history of colonisation in Southeast Asia. But Thailand has not been subject to colonisation and is seldom seen to be overly sensitive to its neighbours' problems or transgressions, unless they directly impact the kingdom.


    Trump's Miss Universe foreign policy

    News, Published on 12/05/2016

    » OK, it's easy to pick on Donald Trump's foreign policy. But just because he recently referred to the attack on the World Trade Center as happening on "7/11" -- which is a convenience store -- instead of 9/11, and just because he claimed that "I know Russia well" because he held a "major event in Russia two or three years ago -- (the) Miss Universe contest, which was a big, big, incredible event" -- doesn't make him unqualified.


    Justice finally taking its course

    News, Postbag, Published on 08/05/2016

    » Eyes opened and ears suddenly perked up across North America with the Bangkok Post story, "Red Bull heir ordered to meet prosecutors".


    Doc lovers rejoice!

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 18/03/2016

    » It is high time for audiences who appreciate the rough-edged reality of documentary films. Of the five nominees of the Oscar for best documentary feature, three had a regular release in Bangkok cinemas (Amy, Cartel Land, The Look of Silence), something unthinkable a few years ago when no distributor wanted to risk showing non-fiction films in cinemas. Now there is almost always at least one documentary film at SF CentralWorld, with the initiation of the independent outfit Documentary Club (in the programme now is The Hunting Ground, about rape crimes in American universities).


    The story the oil headlines are missing: China's hunt for resources affects prices

    Business, Published on 23/08/2014

    » Q. Several weeks ago American mainstream media headlines were awash with sensational news that the US had lifted the ban on crude oil exports, but in the fine print this news was really just about a loophole for processed condensates. How significant is this "loophole" for the future of US oil exports?

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