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    Govt, Army face uneasy alliance

    News, Wassana Nanuam, Published on 01/01/2012

    » Despite close cooperation in the fight against floods, the army and the government enter 2012 facing contentious issues that may test their relationship.

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    Kathmandu Gallery

    Life, Published on 04/01/2012

    » 87 Pan Road, near the Indian temple, Silom Saturday- February 26 Call 02-234-6700

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    Sino-Siamese sensibilities

    Life, Published on 04/01/2012

    » Thais with Chinese blood constitute over 30% of the country's population. Since the Sukhothai era 700 years ago, Siam and China have maintained a strong relationship on many levels. Evidently, the Chinese quality has in many ways become part of the representation of Thainess, old and contemporary; it is the main foreign culture whose influence on the Thai lifestyle, value and creativity remains strong.


    Court ruling seen as pivotal to ending border row

    News, Thanida Tansubhapol, Published on 02/01/2012

    » The love-hate relationship between Thailand and its neighbour Cambodia will keep simmering this year _ and pundits are doubtful the border dispute between the two countries will be resolved in a hurry.


    Asia's uncut ruby

    Life, Published on 05/01/2012

    » As travel books dispel the mystique of remote spots worldwide, places that have preserved their unique character become ever harder to find. North Korea has been notoriously isolated by its ruling dynasty. Less in the global spotlight is the luminous land of Burma, known officially as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It, too, has suffered greatly under a brutal regime, but while its military junta has kept the world out, it has also perfectly preserved the culture within.


    Tough on the field, unyeilding at the table

    News, Wassana Nanuam, Published on 03/01/2012

    » Thanasak Patimaprakorn's past record and accomplishments are proof that he's a soldier worthy of working of his rank as supreme commander.

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    Massaging the numbers

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 06/01/2012

    » Preeda Tangtrongchitr's business is the driving force of the country's traditional Thai massage and spa industries, credited with training around 200,000 Thai and foreign massage therapists at Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School, which has moved with the times for almost five decades.


    Jeweller's suspected killer arrested

    News, Published on 08/01/2012

    » Police have charged a man over the shooting death of a Silom jewellery shop owner found dead in his Mercedes-Benz off Rama III Road late last month.



    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 26/12/2011

    » the beginning of the day, when it begins to get light รุ่งอรุณ, เช้าตรู่



    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 22/12/2011

    » a previously unknown and often surprising piece of information การเปิดเผย

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