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    World Bank risks losing relevance

    News, Published on 23/02/2012

    » Robert Zoellick will depart in June as president of the World Bank, once again raising the thorny issue of leadership of the Bretton Woods twins _ the bank and the International Monetary Fund. At their birth, John Maynard Keynes memorably warned that if these institutions did not get good leaders they would "fall into an eternal slumber, never to waken or be heard of again in the courts and markets of Mankind".


    India's year of living stagnantly

    News, Jaswant Singh, Published on 29/01/2012

    » Will 2012 prove to be a year of renewal for India, or another annus horribilis? No country progresses unerringly, but India cannot afford another politically and economically torpid year like 2011. For India, last year is a year best forgotten.


    Ties of necessity, not dependence

    News, Published on 31/01/2012

    » One after another, Western dignitaries are travelling to Myanmar. A standard interpretation of the change in attitude is that Myanmar is finally demonstrating the courage and means to break away from China. But was Myanmar in the Chinese "geopolitical grip" in the first place?


    UK-Asean relations for the 21st century

    News, Published on 06/01/2012

    » Today the idea of a developed West and developing rest is all but irrelevant. Put simply, the world has changed and Britain must too, if we are to prevent our role and influence in international affairs from declining.


    From the year of fury to the year of doom?

    News, Sawai Boonma, Published on 05/01/2012

    » With a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hitting Japan in March, causing vast destruction and leaving nearly 20,000 people killed or missing, 2011 should register as one of the years that the four elements _ earth, air, fire and water _ had unleashed its most destructive fury.


    UK's patronising tone

    News, Published on 07/01/2012

    » I found the article ''UK-Asean relations for the 21st century'' (BP, Opinion, Jan 6) fascinating _ which is to say, very patronising. I am trying to understand the British foreign minister's statement that ''...we have a shared interest in maintaining security in a region which has some of the world's most important shipping routes... tackling common threats such as... nuclear proliferation, cyber-crime, and climate change''.


    Actions last year ensure more perils in 2012

    News, Joseph Stiglitz, Published on 17/01/2012

    » Last year 2011 will be remembered as the time when many ever-optimistic Americans began to give up hope. President John F Kennedy once said that a rising tide lifts all boats. But now, in the receding ebb, Americans are beginning to see not only that those with taller masts had been lifted far higher, but also that many of the smaller boats had been dashed to pieces in their wake.

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