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    Megaupload founder denies piracy, demands release

    AFP, Published on 23/01/2012

    » Megaupload's detained founder Monday denied wrongdoing after US authorities shut down his file-sharing website, as new details emerged of a rock-star life featuring "fast cars" and "hot girls".

  • TECH

    Suspect pleads not guilty to celebrity hacking

    AFP, Published on 02/11/2011

    » A Florida man pleaded not guilty to hacking into the emails of Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis and other celebrities, following his arrest last month.

  • TECH

    LimeWire pays $105 million in music copyright case

    AFP, Published on 13/05/2011

    » The popular online file-sharing service LimeWire has agreed to pay $105 million to settle charges that it was a platform for music piracy.

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    US hacker pleads guilty to credit card theft

    AFP, Published on 22/04/2011

    » A 26-year-old computer hacker pleaded guilty on Thursday to stealing hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers, causing losses of more than $36 million.

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    Protecting your precious information

    Database, Pee Kay, Published on 21/07/2010

    » Nowadays, city dwellers, Internet surfers and office workers like us possess a lot of email accounts, web accounts, credit card accounts, ATM cards, office network accounts and whatnot that require us to remember account names, account numbers, passwords and PIN numbers. The fact that the numbers of these accounts are growing rapidly only make the situation worse.

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    Flash in the pan

    Database, Published on 12/05/2010

    » The popular website Gizmodo got a prototype of the newest, still secret Apple iPhone when an employee left it in a bar, and a man found it and sold it to the website; Gizmodo bought it, photographed and wrote about it (it is quite uninteresting, at this stage); Steve "President for Life" Jobs responded in character by filing felony theft charges against the website, something he would be terrified out of his only wit to do against a larger media company; the police came and ransacked the office and home of the editor, seizing his computers and otherwise trying to intimidate the firm on behalf of Big Brother Jobs, to enforce the law that makes it illegal to receive stolen goods.

  • TECH

    Mirasys sees opportunity in Thai market

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 24/02/2010

    » Turning an unstable situation into an opportunity has led a top Finnish surveillance software company to select Thailand as a base to build a research centre and pave the way for Thai software developers to reach a global market.

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