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    A grim picture, get your motor running, calling it quits

    News, Mae Moo, Published on 29/01/2017

    » A senior public official's theft of three paintings from a Japanese hotel is causing ructions among celebrities at home, with a Thai national artist declaring he feels ashamed and a singer apologising for linking the fuss to the King's portrait.


    Small price for bliss, Dumped, S-bend blues

    News, Mae Moo, Published on 15/01/2017

    » Celebrity DJ Wichian "Petjah" Kusolmanomai is preparing a spectacular wedding for his long-term girlfriend, actress Hansa "Newclear" Jungviwattanawong, but denies it goes over the top.


    Nott's no-show, Shooting star, Message in a bottle

    News, Mae Moo, Published on 18/12/2016

    » Disgraced TV presenter Akanat "Nott" Ariyaritwikul has abruptly left the monkhood after a Bangkok court issued an arrest warrant for him stemming from his road rage attack on a motorist last month.


    A soulful melody

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 24/11/2016

    » His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was a prolific composer and meticulously kept notes throughout the creative process, drawing lines and dots by hand. Some of these artefacts were preserved, said Assoc Prof Pathorn Srikaranonda, and will be on display at "The Royal Music Legacy" exhibition at EmQuartier in Bangkok from Nov 29 to Dec 11.


    Cutting remarks, Mending a rift, Amped up over taxis

    News, Mae Moo, Published on 06/11/2016

    » Actress Pechaya "Min" Wattanamontri says she feels hurt that Thais would think she cut the queues outside the Grand Palace waiting to pay respects to the late King.


    Sharing one's gifts

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 21/10/2016

    » Witoon Krungthong has been pedalling his bicycle around sois and communities to offer cloth dyeing services for 18 years. The industrial textile industry may have made the profession of artisan cloth dyeing redundant, but Witoon still finds customers willing to pay him to turn their clothes black.


    Bollywood comes to town

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 17/08/2016

    » Want to try watching an Indian movie but don't quite know where to start? Now's your chance with the Indian Film Festival of Thailand, where you can relive Bollywood's biggest blockbusters for 150 baht per movie, as opposed to the 350 baht that the tickets usually cost on regular release. Perhaps better retitled the Deepika Padukone Film Festival of Thailand (she's in three of the seven films showing), some of the most popular movies from India's Tinseltown within the past three years will be showing at Paragon Cineplex from Aug 22-28. In this event hosted by MVP Entertainment, Zee Entertainment and Paragon Cineplex, the festival's opening will also see flash mob dances and interviews with Thai stuntmen who have worked in Bollywood. Prangthong Jitcharoenkul, author of India Mee Arai Ja Bok, will also be sharing her experiences while studying in India.


    Taking us all for a ride

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 29/05/2016

    » Here in Thailand we like hubs. I'm not talking about bicycle hubs, though we like those too. I'm talking about world hubs, and while we are yet to be the hub of anything really constructive, it hasn't stopped successive governments from trying.


    Below the surface

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 11/05/2016

    » In The Jam Factory Gallery's current exhibition "Asylum Seeker: The Pond And The Fireflies", artist Prapat Jiwarangsan himself is the asylum seeker, and the pond in question is actually around the house in Chiang Mai in which he took refuge after the 2014 coup. The show is comprised of a video installation, two series of photographs and a few ink-written letters.


    Last call for payphones?

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 14/03/2016

    » Wuth Krongkaew, a 40-year-old fried fishball vendor, can't remember the last time he used a payphone. One day, when he happened to forget his mobile phone, he felt lucky that his cart sits right next to a phone booth. To his annoyance and disappointment, however, the phone inside did not work.

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