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    New cabinet must now prove its worth

    Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 02/09/2014

    » The private sector has given the thumbs-up to the economic team of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha led by MR Pridiyathorn Devakula, who was appointed deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs.



    Guru, Sumati Sivasiamphai, Published on 12/09/2014

    » Police recently busted a gang that was extorting people, particularly in the Northeast of Thailand. What scam was the ring running?


    Lottery reform failure undermines NCPO's credibility

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 03/11/2014

    » The problem of overpriced lottery tickets was one of first to be tackled by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) immediately after its takeover of the national administration on May 22. Other problems included overcharging by motorcycle taxis, illegal parking by passenger vans, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and encroachment on forest reserves, public beaches and footpaths.


    Postbag: Loy Krathong hot air

    News, Published on 08/11/2014

    » Before Loy Krathong, I read online that anybody caught flying sky lanterns near airports could be punished with the death penalty.


    The big issue: Almost six months and what?

    Alan Dawson, Published on 09/11/2014

    » Martial law and rule by the generals hits a milestone in two weeks — six months under the men in green and still many more questions than answers about where Thailand may be in a year, two years and 10 years down the road.


    Postbag: No happiness here

    News, Published on 11/11/2014

    » “Return happiness to the people.” This English translation of the objective coined by the junta could hardly be more corny and stilted. Perhaps in Thai it is less so. With the raft of problems and issues that have plagued the country for so long and still continue today perhaps a more appropriate phrase in English would be: “Instil a sense of sanity in the country.” But this could never be said by any government, let alone the junta. How many would disagree that putting the adjective “insane” as a prefix to the following issues would better reflect the reality of what urgently needs fixing?


    Regime lotto price cut failure hits low-income earners

    News, Published on 22/11/2014

    » Veera Prateepchaikul’s excellent opinion piece on the failure of lottery reform on Nov 3, caused me to reflect on the recent work done at the College of Local Administration (Cola) at Khon Kaen University on the subject of lottery reform.


    Take Thainess with a grain of salt

    Life, Usnisa Sukhsvasti, Published on 19/01/2015

    » The main intersections of downtown Bangkok were once again closed to traffic and packed with crowds last week, but it had nothing to do with political protests. We were just being encouraged by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to "discover" our "Thainess" with an elaborate procession of decorated floats replete with dancers and literary tableaux. 


    Lost in translation

    News, Published on 26/01/2015

    » Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa is being investigated by the new government in office for corruption and the siphoning off of millions of dollars during his terms in office, money benefiting his whole family.


    Two tasks for the NCPO

    News, Published on 05/02/2015

    » Overpriced lottery tickets and encroachment on prized land such as in the Sirinat National Park in Phuket were two priority problems tackled by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) shortly after the May 22 coup.

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