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    A better way to fight climate change

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 03/03/2013

    » Of all major world regions, Europe has worked the hardest to implement policies aimed at countering human-caused climate change. Yet the cornerstone of Europe's approach _ a continent-wide emissions trading system for the greenhouse gases that cause climate change _ is in trouble. That experience suggests a better strategy for both Europe and the rest of the world.


    Climate change hope rests with Qatar meet

    News, Published on 23/11/2012

    » We have learnt to expect surprises at UN climate change summits.


    Students help to cut plastics

    News, Editorial, Published on 22/03/2019

    » Last Friday was something of a truancy day for students in 100 countries. A movement that started in Sweden with schoolgirl Greta Thunberg convinced thousands to abandon classrooms -- often with teachers' support -- and protest against their government's climate change programmes. Only a few schools chose to put a positive programme above outrage -- one of which was located in Bangkok.


    More must be done to fight climate change

    News, Wichsinee Wibulpolprasert, Published on 13/07/2016

    » The latest report by a German think-tank showing Thailand as one of the countries most devastated by climate-related disasters demands that prompt action be taken to tackle this problem.


    Great powers' spat undermines global cooperation

    News, Published on 20/11/2018

    » In recent years, we have seen the renewal of a phenomenon that seemed to have passed into history with the end of the Cold War: fierce and potentially violent competition between the most powerful countries on the globe. Yet as dangerous as that competition is in its own right, it is also worsening prospects for solving many of the world's other problems, from migration to economic crises to climate change.


    Protecting Asia’s coastline from super-storm damage

    News, Published on 07/01/2019

    » Super storms fuelled by climate change are costing Asian countries money and lives. Thailand is the latest country to deal with the threat to both lives and property, with Pabuk being the first tropical storm in 2019 to hit the country's southern resort islands outside of the monsoon season for around 30 years.


    Stop the climate change profiteers

    News, Published on 19/09/2014

    » United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting a Climate Summit in New York next week. Expected to attend are top officials from all UN Member States, big transnational corporations, financial institutions, and a few select civil society representatives. The goal is to build political will for a global agreement at the official negotiations in Paris in 2015 that would limit the world to a temperature rise of less than 2°C. But if prior UN climate events are any indication, the summit will be dominated by big corporations that have captured the climate negotiations and seek only to "green wash" their business-as-usual.


    On climate change, take risks or pay the price

    News, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 20/12/2018

    » Global warming is physics and chemistry, and you can't negotiate with science for more time to solve the problem: more emissions mean a hotter planet. Dealing with the problem, however, requires an international negotiation involving almost 200 countries. In big gatherings of that sort, the convoy always moves at the speed of the slowest ships.


    Climate change study is grim reading

    News, Published on 13/06/2013

    » Governments around the world have just received one of the most important scientific reports ever written. It provides the starkest assessment yet of how the earth's climate is responding to rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and creating risks for billions of people from extreme weather events and rising sea levels.


    Washington won't have last word on climate change

    News, Michael R Bloomberg, Published on 24/11/2016

    » The following is adapted from remarks delivered by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to the China General Chamber of Commerce:

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