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    Myanmar's new investment push

    Asia focus, Larry Jagan, Published on 14/01/2019

    » The government of Myanmar is hoping this year will be a watershed for the country's investment and development plans. The emphasis is firmly on liberalisation and attracting foreign investors, as well as involving the local business community in the expected economic resurgence.


    The more things change

    Business, Post Reporters, Published on 04/02/2019

    » After a series of false promises on a general election, Thailand is scheduled to hold one on March 24 after more than four years of military rule.


    'Ni Hao' and 'Namaste'

    Asia focus, Published on 01/08/2016

    » China and India, each with a distinctive history dating back thousands of years, are the world's two most populous nations, home to 30% of the world's citizens. Politically and economically they have evolved in very different ways, but a closer look at their beliefs, practices, behaviour and even food reveals many similarities that are often overlooked.


    Budget Rethink?

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 21/04/2017

    » Our dear cabinet recently approved a budget to buy 10 made-in-China tanks worth two billion baht while key members also seem keen on a plan proposed by the Royal Thai Navy to buy three submarines worth 36 billion baht. While I'm sure these dear sirs exercised their sound rationale before agreeing to such big purchases for the sake of Thailand's security, IMHO, with utmost respect, I would like to point out that there are other more beneficial ways the money could be used too.


    Scholars and dollars

    Asia focus, Wanant Kerdchuen, Published on 04/05/2015

    » Having a child is an investment in the future of the family, and education is one of the biggest investments in a child's future. There was a time when parents who wanted — and could afford — the best for their children had to send them abroad, but today in Asia, families can have the best of both worlds: an international education close to home.


    Picture of health

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 08/10/2018

    » Elisabeth Staudinger has no background in healthcare or engineering, but she can accurately and thoroughly describe the functions of highly sophisticated medical machinery with ease. The president of Siemens Healthineers-Asia Pacific is also an enthusiastic learner when comes to the latest advances in healthcare, which continue to astound her.

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    Souped up broth best served hot

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 27/12/2015

    » When you eat a meal in China, there will probably be an array of different dishes on the table. One thing that can never be missing, however, is some kind of dish with a broth. Here, you have to be careful to avoid being scalded. Dishes hot from the stove usually have steam rising up from them, but the broth in Chinese dishes gives no such warning. These foods appear cool and harmless, but if you aren't careful you'll leave the table with your tongue fully cooked.


    Cash crops a short-term fix, but long-term plan essential

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 25/01/2016

    » For the past 30 years, Prasert Thongsiri's daily routine has consisted of walking to his five-rai rubber tree plantation in Songkhla around 1 am and spending the next five hours there tapping latex. He inherited the plantation from his father, who was also a rubber tapper, and has enjoyed a substantial income from it, helping to fund the education of his two children.


    World Bank exec reflects on five eventful years in Asean

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 16/07/2018

    » What strikes Ulrich Zachau the most after finishing his five-year term as the World Bank director for Southeast Asia is how social and economic development have set Thailand and the region apart from the rest of the world.


    Mazda traces 5-year plan for BoI perks

    Business, Published on 20/11/2018

    » Japanese carmaker Mazda Motor Corporation has planned to implement its 11.48-billion-baht hybrid electric vehicle (EV) projects over five years after winning Board of Investment (BoI) privileges on Monday.

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