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    Army sex pics - if you don't know, keep mum

    News, Arglit Boonyai, Published on 19/05/2012

    » In a country such as Thailand where the military holds more power and carries more influence than deemed appropriate by supporters of Western-style democracies, should its commanders be schooled in the basics of common sense?


    The clueless returnees

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 21/05/2012

    » Several former executives of the defunct Thai Rak Thai Party appear to be in a cheerful mood and are ready to return to active politics when their five-year political ban imposed by the Constitution Court expires at the end of this month.


    Liberty and justice for who?

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 08/04/2012

    » So when it is a societal norm for one man to crawl to serve another, how can there be freedom and justice in such a society?


    Change will only come from the bottom up

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 05/04/2012

    » Constant threats of violence from the divisive, colour-coded politics. Endless bloodshed in the restive South. Fierce resistance against decentralisation from officialdom. Politicians of all shades paying lip service to political reform. An authoritarian education system. Explosive popular resentment against disparity and social injustice.


    The Sphinx and Sonthi's riddle

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 27/03/2012

    » In Greek lore, the Sphinx was entrusted to guard the entrance to the city of Thebes. For a traveller to be allowed passage, he or she had to answer her riddle. Those who couldn't were strangled and devoured.


    You're on your own, red shirts tell Nitirat

    News, Nattaya Chetchotiros, Published on 02/02/2012

    » A campaign engineered by the Nitirat group to amend Section 112 of the Criminal Code appears to be going nowhere, due to rising opposition from members of the public, the red shirts and the ruling Pheu Thai Party.


    Will there be blood?

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 05/02/2012

    » In 2012, the question most often put to me is not "Voranai, how are you?" Or, "Hey there, may I have your pin number?" Nope, it's "Will there be violence?" I'm not clairvoyant but I do know that fate is inexorable, so let's consider this.


    Hard ball hovers

    News, Voranai Vanijaka, Published on 12/02/2012

    » There's democracy and then there's Thai-style democracy. The former involves, at least in theory, human rights, freedom, equality and the rule of law. The latter means we like all that wonderful stuff well enough, but there are more important matters that define who we are.


    Lessons of the nalinee debacle

    News, Published on 22/01/2012

    » Regarding your story yesterday, ''Strategists urge Nalinee to quit'', the debacle over the suitability of Nalinee Taveesin to be in cabinet has flushed out some important points. The first is the general probity of her as an individual. Her decision to undertake financial transactions with the cohort of a regime as loathsome as that of Robert Mugabe puts that into serious doubt.


    Tweet smell of rebellion

    News, Published on 30/01/2012

    » The announcement last week by Twitter that it can control its users country-by-country is certain to cause the company much grief. For a company founded on the ideal of free speech, Twitter now will have to bear the burden of deciding just how free it should be. The company is less than six years old, but Twitter and its "tweets" have gained a worldwide foothold. Far beyond its use as a social link, the micro-blogging service has been credited with serving government, opposition and anti-establishment groups alike, including rebellions like the Arab Spring. Now Twitter has unleashed a powerful new force which it may not be able to control.

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