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    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 24/12/2010

    » a strong personal quality that makes other people like them and be attracted to them ที่มีเสน่ห์ดึงดูด

  • TECH

    Recruiter shares his thoughts

    Database, Don Sambandaraksa, Published on 05/01/2011

    » Peter Fischbach was a serial entrepreneur and computer contractor in New York before he came to Thailand in the '80s. His first job was for a purchase order system for the United Nations in BASIC in DOS. Soon after settling down, he found out there were no IT recruitment and placement companies so instead of continuing as a programmer, he set up ISM recruitment and now lays claims to one of the largest if not the largest database of Thai IT professionals. He shared his experience on the Thai IT scene over two decades with Database.


    Life begins

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 10/01/2011

    » Today's Bangkok Post has a brand-new daily section entitled "LIFE". We'll look at its impressive main feature.

  • TECH

    Google on a hiring high

    AFP, Published on 26/01/2011

    » Google said Tuesday it will hire a record number of people this year, taking on more than 6,000 workers "across the board and around the globe."

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    Google opens Malaysia office

    AFP, Published on 26/01/2011

    » Search engine Google said Wednesday it will open a Malaysian office, its second in Southeast Asia, following significant growth in Internet usage in the country.

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    LinkedIn announces IPO

    AFP, Published on 28/01/2011

    » Career-oriented social network LinkedIn on Thursday registered with US regulators to have an initial public offering of stock.

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    The final nail, not a new era

    Database, Don Sambandaraksa, Published on 01/12/2010

    » As Thailand celebrates one year of ToT's 3G network, others will mourn the passing of the Frequency Allocation Act. Instead of marking the beginning of a new dawn in Thailand's telecommunications saga, the act marks the final nail in the coffin for our short-lived attempts to reform the telecommunications sector from a 90s-style state-run concession to a modern, deregulated licensed one.

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    Hands-on learning

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 08/12/2010

    » Love and friendship are not usually associated with competitions, but at the recent Bangkok Game Jam, the experience of a fun environment, working in unison and planning together was shared by those who have a common love of game development.


    Neuroscience and Education

    Learningpost, Published on 05/10/2010

    » In the past, it was believed that children were born with preset neurons that were inherited from their parents. For instance, if the parents were good at mathematics, it was believed that the children, too, would automatically be good mathematics learners. However, we know today that that notion might not be completely accurate.

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    INTERNETSITE of the Week

    Database, Gotfried. K, Published on 01/09/2010

    » If you're writing the Great American Novel, or perhaps Australia's answer to Harry Potter, or any book at all for that matter, you may want to visit the authonomy website at A community of writers sponsored by HarperCollins, the site basically allows you to post your magnus opus and receive feedback, whether good or ill, from other members of the site.

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