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    Tradition vs progress fight is hotting up

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 09/05/2017

    » In Thailand, the tussle between a state-imposed return to authoritarian conservatism and efforts, no matter how feeble, to embrace progressiveness, have manifested in a new fault line that could trigger yet another round of turmoil.


    Uniform justice

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 06/02/2017

    » For years, transgender university students in Thailand have been fighting for the right to wear the uniform of their chosen gender. From attending classes to internships and exams, up until the day they finally graduate, uniforms can be either a source of pride or of pain.


    Many remain vulnerable to threat of HIV

    News, Steve Kraus, Published on 01/12/2016

    » On World Aids Day, Asia and the Pacific can celebrate immense achievements. Some 2.1 million people now have access to lifesaving medicines -- more than ever before. This means that mothers living with HIV like Anya from a small fishing village in central Thailand can watch their children grow into resilient adults. And Thuya has the hearty strength to sell flowers and support his family in Yangon, Myanmar.

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    Through a screen darkly

    Spectrum, Paritta Wangkiat, Published on 13/11/2016

    » In recent years, if you are Thai, you may have encountered an argument about which social class you belong to or how you define others -- probably as a nationalist, liberal, conservative, pro-military, royalist, red or yellow.


    Escaping bigotry

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 24/10/2016

    » 'People often think that refugees arrive to a new destination and it's like a happy ending," said Syrian refugee Danny Ramadan, 32. Not quite so. Establishing a new life, career and community -- while leaving behind one's home country -- has posed many challenges for Ramadan, who is also a gay activist.

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    Singapore comes under pressure over genital mutilation of babies

    Published on 13/10/2016

    » LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Medical clinics in Singapore are carrying out female genital cutting on babies, according to people with first-hand experience of the procedure, despite growing global condemnation of the practice which world leaders have pledged to eradicate.

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    Stuck in the slow lane to stress

    Spectrum, Paritta Wangkiat, Published on 04/09/2016

    » A taxi cuts across the lane ahead. A six-wheel truck loaded with sand bursts onto the main road. Motorbikes weave alongside. Another taxi cuts across the lane. Someone honks a horn. Every car is rushing to pass an intersection. When the traffic lights switch to red, the chaos eases for a few, brief minutes. Heat haze shimmers near the exhaust pipes of vehicles.

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    Students to get sex education

    News, Dumrongkiat Mala, Published on 07/08/2016

    » Teachers and school administrators are gearing up to launch a nationwide programme to better educate young students on sexual health as part of efforts to bring down the high number of teenage mothers.


    Women's rights depend on tackling social stigmas

    News, Yoriko Yasukawa, Published on 11/07/2016

    » Childhood was tough for Patty, a Thai teenage girl. After years of abuse at the hands of her father, desperation drove her into the arms of a much older man when she was just 13. A year later Patty, who is now 18, was pregnant, resulting in yet more violence against her, this time from her boyfriend. Patty fled again, and was forced to quit school. For the next two years, she moved between her abusive father, boyfriend and state-run shelters -- eventually settling at the Emergency Home for young mothers in Bangkok, run by Thailand's Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women.


    Your horoscope for June 3-9

    Guru, Chaiyospol Hemwijit, Published on 03/06/2016

    » Spot-on horoscope for work, money, coupled & single life from famously accurate Guru's fortuneteller. Let’s see how would you fare this week & beyond!

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