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    China's cashless revolution is likely to spread afar

    News, Adam Minter, Published on 20/07/2017

    » On a recent trip to Shenzhen, in southern China, I came across a subway busker with two tip jars. The first was a cardboard box filled with coins and bills; the second was a small QR code taped to the box that allowed passersby to leave a tip by smartphone. On one level, this was simply smart business: Chinese made around $5.5 trillion in e-payment transactions last year. But it also offered a glimpse of the future.


    Moving to the goal of a circular economy

    News, Published on 14/07/2017

    » Asian nations can lead the global transition towards a circular economy, a regenerative system of production and consumption. There are promising developments in the region -- many governments and companies have already demonstrated their political consensus, economic dynamism, and industrial innovation as they move towards this goal.


    China's anti-addiction drive may ruin video games

    News, Adam Minter, Published on 11/07/2017

    » Shareholders of Tencent Holdings Ltd, the world's biggest video game company, panicked last week. People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, singled out Honour of Kings, Tencent's biggest game, for an unusually high-profile criticism.


    Upgrading to the Samsung S8

    Life, James Hein, Published on 05/07/2017

    » So, I finally went for the smartphone upgrade and ordered a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The Chinese phones are not quite there in terms of feature set, and the prices on them keep rising. The next article will cover some of the issues I faced moving from my current S5, and the wonders of the new phone as I discover them. After that, the next question will be "Do I get the docking station and VR kit or not?".


    Google Android refreshes itself

    Life, James Hein, Published on 07/06/2017

    » Android 8 -- or O -- will be coming out soon, with the beta already available for lucky Nexus and Pixel users. Google is introducing "Fluid Experiences" that include picture in picture, Notification Dots, autofill and smart-text selection. The first will allow you to have an app open but with also, say, a small window running a YouTube video, just like TVs can do. Notification dots show that you have an app notification. A long press will bring up the item, which is useful. You have all seen autofill on forms and for passwords; this is finally appearing in Android. As has been the case for the last few versions, Google is also focusing on maximising security, optimising boot times and app performance, and intelligently limiting background activity for apps to save battery life. These are all welcome enhancements.


    Don't count on innovation to overcome stagnation

    News, Satyajit Das, Published on 30/05/2017

    » Innovation, everybody hopes, will rescue the world from economic stagnation. I'm not so sure.


    Fingerprint plan dodgy

    News, Editorial, Published on 29/05/2017

    » The secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has escalated his threats to gather a private collection of citizens' fingerprints. Takorn Tantasith began by touting a "touch your smartphone" project for mobile banking, based on fingerprints. That sold poorly, and the NBTC chief then pronounced an effort whereby all mobile phone owners could give their fingerprints voluntarily for vague promises of benefits. Now he says every phone owner must give him their fingerprints, no exceptions.


    Comical drive to rein in FB turns sinister

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 23/05/2017

    » Having failed to force Facebook to shut down more than 100 lese majeste pages, Thai authorities are going after small-fish users and viewers in the country in what appears to be another comical campaign of intimidation.


    South Korea's next leader must focus on growth

    News, Michael Schuman, Published on 10/05/2017

    » So much attention is being lavished on the nuclear-edged tantrums of Kim Jong-un in North Korea that the presidential election on the southern half of the Korean peninsula has gone practically unnoticed. But the outcome may be nearly as critical for the region's future as the fate of Mr Kim's weapons programme.


    Is Myanmar ready for major change?

    Asia focus, Yvonne Bohwongprasert, Published on 24/04/2017

    » Business opportunities seem to be booming in Myanmar but are the people ready? It's the first thought that came to my mind as my taxi took me through the evening rush-hour traffic in Yangon.

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