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    SVOA expands learning opportunities

    Learningpost, Purich Trivitayakhun, Published on 13/07/2010

    » Although it had stopped raining, clouds still blanketed the high peaks of the Banthat mountain range, which could be seen clearly from the school's yard. A modern two-storey building stands at one end of the yard, contrasting against the old, flat one-storey school edifice. Recently, the building has been serving as the new education hub for students, parents and community members in the vicinity.

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    Digital and holistic health

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 14/07/2010

    » As one of Thailand's last remaining free cancer treatment centres, the Arokhayasarn building in Wat Khampramong, situated in Sakon Nakhon's Phanna Nikhom district, has offered palliative care to almost 2,000 patients to date, combining alternative therapy, Chinese traditional medicine and modern Western care.

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    New CEO sets out vision for ECS Group

    Database, Suchin Chirakul, Published on 14/07/2010

    » Consolidation, synergising and finding new growth areas while nurturing young blood for the next generation of leaders are the keys to making ECS Holdings become a truly global company, according to Narong Intanate, the longtime Thai IT pioneer who was recently promoted to the CEO position of the Singapore-listed ECS, one of the leading regional ICT companies.

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    ICT 2020 initiative to be drafted by end of year

    Database, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 14/07/2010

    » ICT for public service, one of the seven strategies of the National ICT policy framework 2011-2020 (ICT 2020), has been addressed with the target to transform e-government to i-government by 2020.

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    Notes on my notebook

    Database, James Hein, Published on 23/06/2010

    » So, after many years, I have a new notebook. I settled on the Acer TM 6293-A3G32Mn. It also marks my personal foray into the world of Windows 7. I like the notebook because it comes with Win 7 Pro instead of the usual Win 7 Home edition. There are a number of reasons for this including the support for the virtual Windows XP and all the other features that a Pro version of Windows brings over the generally useless Home versions.

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    A dubious distinction

    Database, Published on 23/06/2010

    » Because there isn't nearly enough control over the Internet, the cabinet approved setting up a new office to "prevent and suppress" anything on the Internet that is aimed at or might be aimed at the monarchy; with some help from Mr Orwell, the government decided the office should be called the Bureau of Prevention and Eradication of Computer Crime; Juti Krairiksh, the new MICT (Minister of Internet Censorship of Thailand) explained that any Internet provider who did not instantly comply with his "request" to block a website would lose its licence.


    In-class games

    Learningpost, Timothy Cornwall, PHD, DTM, Published on 29/06/2010

    » If students are asked what they want to do in class, invariably they will suggest playing games, listening to music and watching movies.


    Bangkok Patana produces gold achievers

    Learningpost, Gregor McClenaghan, Published on 29/06/2010

    » A record number of students from Bangkok Patana School (BPS) completed the arduous International Award Association Gold Award programme this year.


    Climate change negotiator

    Outlook, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 30/06/2010

    » After long hours in a closed meeting room at climate change negotiations in Bonn earlier this month, Dr Surachai Sathikunarat, a young Thai climate change negotiator, should have had peaceful coffee breaks.

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    BlackBerry style service for the masses

    Database, Don Sambandaraksa, Published on 30/06/2010

    » Imagine a BlackBerry style service for the masses with monthly fees for push mail at just 18 baht a week that gives telcos the opportunity to get back in on the game and offer value and stickiness to their customers. Tippingpoint provides the software and PT Superphone is providing the hardware, and after success in Indonesia the company is now setting its sights on Thailand.

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