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    A uniform way of thinking

    Life, Usnisa Sukhsvasti, Published on 05/03/2012

    » Once in a while the subject of uniforms pops up again in the news as an issue of debate among people of different generations. Last time it was how young university girls would practically starve themselves to fit into the SSS size which looked as if it would only fit a Barbie doll.


    A putrid air of stupidity

    News, Published on 03/03/2012

    » It's a case of too little too late...and a continued front of incompetence. Villages, inner-city homes, wats and rice fields are still burning on a daily basis in Chiang Mai.


    Haze is poor man's revenge

    News, Published on 04/03/2012

    » The fires which are causing bad air quality in the North are in effect a poor man's revenge on us all. Poor farmers burn their fields since they can't afford any other method of weeding. Hill tribe people burn the common forest because it generates mushrooms after the first rains, which apparently earn them 2,000 baht a day at markets.


    The political economy of superstars

    News, Published on 07/03/2012

    » The biggest news around Cambridge, New England in recent weeks has been Jeremy Lin, the Harvard economics graduate who has shocked the National Basketball Association by rising overnight from "nowhere" to become a genuine star, leading a losing New York Knicks team to an unlikely string of victories.

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