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    Raising the stakes

    Life, Published on 22/11/2013

    » The first instalment introduced the audience to The Hunger Games, with its absurd and brutal rules a la Battle Royale, and this sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, reintroduces us to the same game, with repetitions of how the government relies on the hopes and fears of its cowering citizens to remain in power, on its strategic planning of moves and countermoves within the Games and in real Panem life. But as in any sequel, the stakes have been raised. This instalment is deeper and darker, with the first act reminiscent of a cross between Orwell's 1984 and Mel Stuart's Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. The towns are grey, the people hungry and afraid. The government sees everything. And in the Capital, people swallow a drink to make themselves throw up so they can keep indulging in more macaroons.


    She's still La Boum

    Life, Yvonne Bohwongprasert, Published on 13/12/2012

    » As curtains fell on the "Societe Generale Private Banking 2nd Rendezvous With French Cinema" in Singapore, it was top-notch French actress Sophie Marceau who stole the limelight. It was not only her chic and graceful demeanour but also her wit and a dry sense of humour which mesmerised film fans.


    Chan rushes in for Chinese Zodiac

    Life, Published on 18/12/2012

    » Jackie Chan was all jovial and talkative at Hotel Centara Grand in Bangkok yesterday for the launch of his new movie Chinese Zodiac. Chan, who was in Macau on Saturday for the film's premiere and is now on a whirlwind tour to promote it, plays a master thief who hatches a plan to steal antique artworks representing the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. Chan is 58, and it's rumoured that he will be back to star in Rush Hour 4, the Hollywood action-comedy franchise that made him a global superstar. He also hummed along when the Thai national anthem was played at the press conference. Chan is due to fly out today.


    Jaw-dropping action

    Life, Published on 09/11/2012

    » Shark Week returns this month with six all-new shark-filled specials that will place you too close for comfort to the jaw-dropping action. Watch shark experts embark on a mission for the ultimate close-up with a legendary 5m-long great white.


    Rupert Sanders takes on direction of sci-fi flick

    AFP, Published on 17/10/2012

    » The director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders, will switch to the sci-fi genre with upcoming thriller The Juliet.


    Talk is a four letter word as Mraz sits down for a chat

    Life, Published on 05/07/2012

    » Can't get enough of Jason Mraz? Well, here's another chance to get to know the pop star a little better.


    Prepare to enter the commercial battlefield

    Life, Published on 20/06/2012

    » If you want to work in the advertising field, here's a way to get in.


    Finding Freedom

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 22/06/2012

    » Eighty years ago, on June 24, 1932, the People's Party seized power and transformed Siam from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional democracy. A film crew recorded the historic revolution of that day on 35mm film, and the "movie" went on tour around Bangkok cinemas.


    First film screening celebrated

    Life, Published on 06/06/2012

    » On June 10, 1897, Thai people saw motion pictures for the first time, nearly two years after the Lumiere Brothers made their historic unveiling of "cinematographe" in a Paris cafe and gave birth to what we now know as the movies.

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