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    New year, fresh hope

    News, Editorial, Published on 01/01/2019

    » Another year, another promise of an election -- only this time the promise appears to be real. The fourth year and part of the fifth under the military regime were hardly noteworthy. The nation survived but did not prosper, economically or morally. There is almost universal hope in every corner of the country that 2019 will be different.


    Abetting dictators

    News, Editorial, Published on 12/12/2018

    » The sudden government interest in apprehending political opponents of foreign governments is disappointing. It may be coincidence but in just a week, police have forcibly detained critics of the governments of Cambodia and Bahrain. The arrests and threats of deportation or extradition to these undemocratic countries go against normal human rights practices. They also violate decades of Thai policy that often welcomed and never threatened lives of foreigners pitted against their governments.


    A dubious detention

    News, Editorial, Published on 05/12/2018

    » The Police Immigration Bureau has placed Thailand in a dicey situation. On Nov 27, officers at Suvarnabhumi airport detained Hakeem Ali Mohamed Ali al-Araibi. He is the subject of an Interpol Red Notice -- hold for possible deportation.


    Once it was almost a botanical garden

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 18/11/2018

    » About 20 years ago I was standing on the steps of the British ambassador's residence in Bangkok after interviewing England and Manchester United football legend Sir Bobby Charlton. Shameless name-dropping again, l know, but there is a point. While we were waiting for transport, Sir Bobby surveyed the embassy grounds and remarked what an idyllic scene it was, with all the trees, ponds and well-manicured lawns. He was definitely impressed. With traffic gridlock only a stone's throw away, it was a truly tranquil oasis presided over with aplomb by the statue of Queen Victoria.


    Opening up duty-free

    News, Editorial, Published on 01/11/2018

    » As the auction for the concession to operate the duty-free zone at Suvarnabhumi airport comes closer, the fate of an underachieving industry hangs in the balance. The state-run Airports of Thailand (AoT) has not yet revealed whether it will do away with the current monopolistic concession model that has allowed only the sole operator, King Power International, to grow richer -- at the cost of both the state and shoppers.


    Using AI to build smart cities of the future

    News, Published on 03/11/2018

    » Thailand has set itself an ambitious goal as part of Thailand 4.0 — 100 smart cities within two decades to improve the quality of urban life. A National Smart City Committee has already been established to drive this initiative which is envisaged to transform cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen into technology hubs.


    Thai-Style Two-Sentence Horror Stories

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 26/10/2018

    » To help you get into a spooky mindframe for Halloween, I would like to share a few Thai-style horror stories. But since people have a shorter attention span these days (who doesn't?), I have summed up the shortest stories that have been circulated online. If you get all of them, you are pretty well-versed in Thai culture. Kudos!


    Rankings not be-all, end-all for Thai unis

    News, Mike Hayes, Published on 03/10/2018

    » The fact that Thai universities repeatedly get low spots in international rankings is disappointing. But given the methodology for the rankings, it is hardly a surprise.


    Thammasat, inequality and 'colourism'

    News, Ploenpote Atthakor, Published on 15/09/2018

    » As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, the controversial billboards with heads and bare shoulders of ex-Thammasat University cheerleaders are gorgeous, but for many, it's downright decadent for an education institute that has been formative in Thailand's political history.


    Chaiyaphum owed more than lost data

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 11/08/2018

    » In the age of video clips, one video clip is absent. At a time when we're inundated by cat clips, dog clips, accident clips, slap clips, brawl clips, grope clips, chase clips, murder clips -- when we even have clips recorded from the depths of a dark cave where light hardly reaches -- it's amazing that one crucial clip, shot in broad daylight, is missing, lost or made to be lost forever, along with transparency and maybe justice.

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