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    Safety critical to Asean tourism growth

    News, Curtis S Chin, Published on 09/09/2015

    » Every year since 2001, thoughts in New York turn this time of year to the tragedy of Sept 11, when terrorists brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Thousands lost their lives, and economies and businesses around the world were sent reeling.

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    Selective sympathy in an anonymous society

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 05/08/2015

    » The past weekend has been quite a long one for many - four days of vacation and Buddhist religious activities. It was a weekend that was defined by merit-making and people saying no to alcohol. The abstinence lasted for two days. Thong Lor was deserted on Friday night - a phenomenon for Bangkok.

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    Richer Asia will be poorer without jumbos

    News, Published on 25/04/2015

    » Last November, a retirement party complete with Buddhist rituals was held for Phnom Penh’s beloved pachyderm Sambo. After 30 years of entertaining tourists in Cambodia’s capital, Sambo will spend her remaining years with 12 other elephants in the Keo Seima forest located in the country’s Mondolkri province.

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    Postbag: Why delay Brit inquest?

    News, Published on 13/01/2015

    » British ambassador, Mark Kent, is said to have conveyed Britain’s interest in investing in large-scale infrastructure projects in Thailand (BP, Jan 9). Other news from Britain (Re: “Brits drop Koh Tao ball”, PostBag, Jan 10), is that the official British inquest to be released in September, regarding the two tourists murdered on Koh Tao, may now be released in October, or possibly later. Does this delay make perfect sense, Mr Kent?

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    Russia's valuable Asian links endure

    News, Published on 05/11/2014

    » The focus of global political and economic activity is shifting to Asia. Literally. Three major international events will take place in Asia this month — the Apec Summit in Beijing, the East Asia Summit in Nay Pyi Taw and the G20 leaders' meeting in Brisbane.

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    Region faces a murky democratic dawn

    News, Published on 11/10/2014

    » As if it wasn't bad enough that Indonesia's parliament just voted to curtail democracy at the grass roots level, the Indonesian police have banned the democratic right to protest against the move at an international forum on democracy the government is hosting on the island of Bali. That's almost as absurd as the military's insistence in Thailand that it intervened to save democracy.

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    Reforms put WTO's legitimacy at risk

    News, Published on 25/10/2014

    » The World Trade Organisation's director-general, Roberto Azevêdo, has called for an urgent shakeup of his institution. Last week, he declared the WTO to be in "the most serious situation [it] has ever faced", and now he is convening crisis talks with member countries. One of the main reform proposals, reportedly advocated by the United States and the European Union, is to move away from consensus-based decision-making — one of the WTO's founding principles. That might boost efficiency, but it also could jeopardise one of the WTO's greatest assets: its legitimacy.

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    Islamist barbarity of concern to all

    News, Published on 17/08/2014

    » The seven-year-old has a hint of a smile as he lifts a severed head with both hands. The photo of the boy, reported to be the son of the Australian Islamist militant Khaled Sharrouf, was taken in the northeast Syrian city of Raqqa which has been overrun by Islamic State militants. When Mr Sharrouf fled Australia to go to war in Syria, he took four of his children with him.

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    America must not work against NCPO

    Published on 30/06/2014

    » There was a time when Thai-American relations were almost a love affair. The Americans got the kingdom off the hook with the British and French, who wanted retribution for Thai participation alongside the Japanese in World War II.

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    Tongue-tied about Thai politics

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 21/05/2014

    » Now is definitely not the best time for us Thais to be travelling abroad, especially if we have to engage in conversations with foreigners about the political situation here. Last weekend, I was on a media trip with a group of reporters from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines and we had to meet up with quite a few people from Europe.

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