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    Things they don't tell you about policy interest rate decisions

    Business, Published on 07/06/2013

    » The Bank of Thailand's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points at its May 29 meeting, not surprising by any standard. With economic data pointing downward, from private consumption and investment to gross domestic product and inflation rate, the market widely anticipated the move even though the baht had been weakening over the month.

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    Rio rape revives fears about World Cup

    AFP, Published on 03/04/2013

    » The brutal gang-rape of a US student on a Rio bus has revived concern about safety in Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, despite an overall drop in violence.

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    Nebraska approves controversial Keystone pipeline

    AFP, Published on 23/01/2013

    » The controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline cleared a key hurdle after the governor of the US state of Nebraska approved a new route that avoids an environmentally sensitive area.

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    Higgs Boson discovery tops Science picks for 2012

    AFP, Published on 21/12/2012

    » The discovery of the Higgs Boson, an invisible particle that explains the mystery of mass, leads a list of the top 10 scientific advances of 2012 released by the US journal Science.

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    Korn visits BoT, continues policy duel

    Business, Parista Yuthamanop, Published on 24/08/2012

    » Korn Chatikavanij, the former finance minister from the Democrat Party, disagrees with the government's focus on the Bank of Thailand's monetary policy framework and on operating losses.

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    New consumer mobile quality standards planned

    Business, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 28/01/2012

    » The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) plans to announce its draft quality standards governing data telecom services for mobile networks in March.

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    Unjamming the info highway

    Business, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 01/02/2012

    » Skyrocketing mobile data traffic on third-generation (3G) networks is good news for operators, proof that high-speed wireless broadband is finally paying off.

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    Searches revisited

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 08/03/2011

    » Zeitgeist is a German word that translates as "the spirit of the times". At the end of each year, Google reveals this spirit by revisiting the year's top searches around the world. These lists give us insight into the year's curiosities across a variety of topics, from searches for financial terms in the Netherlands to music festivals in the European Union.

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    A perfect relationship _ for a while

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 18/08/2010

    » Some may think that with all the Macs I have written about over the past few years, everything works perfectly. My own Macs have all behaved well. My first modern Mac, which I bought in early 2002, still performs sterling duty in the hands of a friend. After three years of great service from my 2.16Ghz MacBook Pro, it was an easy decision to move to the current 2.66Ghz version with the i7 processor.

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    Re: Farangs Barred From Buying Thai Land

    By pachangamac042, Created on: 27/05/2009, Last updated on: 22/12/2015

    » [quote="Papadragon":19d1c84s] [b:19d1c84s]Foreigners cannot use a Thai spouse as a nominee to buy property in Thailand, however. “If the Thai spouse has enough money to buy the house that is fine, but if the Thai has no money and uses money given to him or her by a foreigner to acquire...

    • icedmercury commented : Cannot believe how much mileage this topic gets, I have owned and sold more than 5 properties houses included. Never once did I have trouble paid the tax each year on the house like any other country. Just look at the link on this forum to the Phuket gasett right beside the artical on the land ownership is a number of adds for the sale of villas land included. This law that all the falang clowns keep referring to , is for the likes of you fool the thai government know all about the foreign ownership of land its a great earner in taxes and fees for the state and the professions. You see if they remove the restrictions people like me who have the ball to avail of the current circumstance will lose out to the meek and weak willed who can only do the right thing and not go outside the parameters set out. Boys cop-on you are going to die with nothing whether your thai bar girl gets the thai gov get it or your own government gets it. Start to enjoy life in the land of dreamd or gryt the hell out of there as I am sick the the teeth listening to you all in the bars when I got there to make money. Girls I love you all make as much money out of these guys as u can while you can.

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