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    EU Iran decision likely to rock markets next week

    Business, Nuntawun Polkuamdee, Published on 18/01/2012

    » Next Monday's EU foreign ministers' meeting on the conflict between Iran and Western countries will see crude prices rise or fall depending on the resolution, but energy stocks and commodities are certain to experience high volatility come what may, says SCB Securities.


    The empires are making nice with former colonies

    News, Published on 16/01/2012

    » As Egyptians and Tunisians vote to replace ousted despots and the Syrian government teeters on the brink, two old imperial powers are competing to exert their political influence over Arab countries in upheaval.


    Economist warns against pledging

    Business, Phusadee Arunmas, Published on 16/01/2012

    » The government should not intervene in rubber prices as the recent plunge is only temporary, with a sharp rise expected in the second half of this year following higher oil prices and an improved global economy, says the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.


    Asia's uncut ruby

    Life, Published on 05/01/2012

    » As travel books dispel the mystique of remote spots worldwide, places that have preserved their unique character become ever harder to find. North Korea has been notoriously isolated by its ruling dynasty. Less in the global spotlight is the luminous land of Burma, known officially as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It, too, has suffered greatly under a brutal regime, but while its military junta has kept the world out, it has also perfectly preserved the culture within.

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    China hails Africa as 'golden ground'

    AFP, Published on 06/01/2012

    » Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi hailed Africa as a "golden ground" for foreign investment, and vowed to work with Chinese firms to ensure they comply with local labour laws.


    Follow your star

    Guru, Published on 06/01/2012

    » Dear Capricorn, you complete a major task without a hiccup. Business talks are fruitful beyond your expectation. Your parents approve of your lover and give their blessings if you decide to wed. Singles may start a controversial relationship.


    Tourism industry jittery

    Business, Chadamas Chinmaneevong, Published on 09/01/2012

    » Domestic political uncertainty will likely return as a major risk to tourism in 2012, as many believe the way that Yingluck Shinawatra's administration is managing the country will trigger a fresh round of political violence.


    Cheap diesel gets another reprieve until Feb 29

    Business, Published on 25/01/2012

    » The excise tax cut for diesel will be extended until Feb 29 as oil nears US$110 a barrel on tension in the Middle East.


    Religious thriller

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 09/01/2012

    » Those of one religion or another vary widely about how much of it they accept. When their senses repel what they regard as unbelievable, members of the flock don't make an issue of it and go through the motions of what is expected of them. After all, there's much in their religion they fully accept.


    Ghosts, amulets, ringtones, and the rest of Thai Buddhism

    Life, Chris Baker, Published on 09/01/2012

    » Somdet To is, according to Justin McDaniel "arguably the most famous monk in Thai history." His image, picture, chants, biographies, amulets, and pamphlets are everywhere. Yet you could read everything written on Thai Buddhism in English for scholars or tourists without noticing his existence, let alone his importance. In this superb book, McDaniel not only does justice to Somdet To but suggests a new way of thinking about "Thai Buddhism" and how it is studied.

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